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Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 01:31 pm

Good evening, world! Hope you had an above-average day at the LEAST!

Oh man, I can’t believe I didn’t post about this earlier! It pretty much stems DIRECTLY from something I’d been looking at doing for the 2010 20K, but never ended up making time for it—T-SHIRT DESIGNS.

NOW—I know some dudes out there are hating on me even MENTIONING t-shirts (i.e. “Casey, you’re 27—it’s collared shirt time”), but hey. Rock an awesome tee with a blazer, and you can rock an awesome party! No? No???

Moving on! I’ve got notebooks full of t-shirt ideas that’re just WAITING to get made (overuse of uppercase letters much?), but they’re not going to do it themselves. I need to carve out some time to sit down, draw the suckers and just get it out there.

To get an idea of where I’d be marketing these designs, here’s a few sites to wet your whistles:

That’s something I’ve totally got to get on. We’re talking sites with design prizes in the thousands with extra cash rolling in for reprints. And since I need to downsize my t-shirt wardrobe from large to medium in 2011, this’d probably be a better approach than going out scouring the city for new tees, right? Gotta earn the right to look fly!

And if I submit some designs, don’t you guys worry—I’ll be out there, getting the votes, hassling people on the street—oh man. Wouldn’t you want to rock a Doomz design? Then again, you might not have seen much of my art.

That just might be a topic for tomorrow…

Hi ho! Hi ho! It’s off to work I go!

Peace out, hombres,

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad



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