Doomz and office jobs DO NOT MIX.

Oh my goodness this is so dry. I am so bored sitting up in this office “working on the website”. I have like, nothing to do. The biggest hassle of this entire project is all the red tape you have to go through—the TD Web Police, making sure everyone’s represented properly… I was done my work within a day. That’s right—one day. And now I sit surfing the Net in my office.

It overlooks Yorkdale Mall, which is a really posh shopping place with valet parking, and I’m all important and shite. I mean, I thought this would be difficult, but I’m making an HTML page. With links. For three full-time days a week. Do you see why I’m bored? They hired me since everyone here has no idea of how to make a website? Well—at least there’s fringe benefits… a colour laser printer, stationery and snacks galore, and photocopies up the wazoo. Yeh. This is interesting. If only my CD drive wasn’t vertical, my comics would be printed off from their PDF files by now. Probably in glorious colour!

In other news…

da_guru, thanks for the CD and the card! No worries about it taking a while, you’re actually one of the first from the project to send one out. It’s all gravy 😊

I want to expand to some other art styles. I’ve been seeing some really off-the-wall and inspiring stuff recently, so I’d like to try my hand at some things.

I need to find a career path not involving an office and involving something that I’m interested in doing full-time. I don’t think very many things fall under this category.

Anyway, so yeah. I’m bored as heck and not exactly progressing at a speed I’d like, but that’s about it. Later, y’all.

–case p.

By Casey E. Palmer

Husband. Father. Storyteller.

Calling the Great White North his home, Casey Palmer the Canadian Dad spend his free time in pursuit of the greatest content possible.

Thousand-word blog posts? Snapshots from life? Sketches and podcasts and more—he's more than just a dad blogger; he's working to change what's expected of the parenting creators of the world.

It's about so much more than just our kids.

When Casey's not creating, he's busy parenting, adventuring, trying to be a good husband and making the most of his life!

Casey lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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