Well, DoomzDay turned out to be doomsday… for one of us.

DoomzDay was… QUITE the party.

I’m pretty sure it was the point where I wound up ejecting the contents of my stomach all over a table where I realised — “Hey! This night did not go as I’d planned it!”

sigh, You’d think that by 29 you’d learn how to tell people to shut the heck up when they offer you shots, but noooo.

Anyway, it was a good party overall — despite what many may think, I do happen to remember much of went down last night, and for the most part what I recall is having a lot of friends around as I celebrated another birthday. Other than how it ended, I appreciate how many people came out and hope that everyone had a good time.

I need to thank:

  • Marcel and Troy for taking photos in my stead
  • Rami for being my best man, best friend and getting the phone I left behind
  • The Pilot for being gracious hosts
  • Adeline, Niya and Kaori for the delicious treats I didn’t get to try but I know were likely amazing
  • And everyone for coming out to show support!

But for now… yeah. On to the next one.

Thanks, everyone,

–case p.

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    • A lot of something is what it was, Ria, but thanks for stopping by once again 😉 There are definitely some lessons learned that I’ll be taking to next year from this insanest of insane parties!!!

    • LOL. Oh man. Adeline, I’m part apologetic and part happy that it was such an insane night. Thank you for being part of it 🙂 I promise to behave better for the next 364 days or so 😛

  1. I’m immortalized! I wonder what happened to those chocolate chip cookies. I hope the bartender who brought my purse up to the rooftop for me got them. I had a lot of fun, Casey. Hung with my buddies and met new ones. Let’s do this again without too many shots! 🙂 xoxo

    • I’m definitely all for a shotless mulligan — there’s a number of people I can’t remember saying a word to, so yes, amends must be made 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by 😉

    • That’s a question I’ve been asking myself as well, Angelique! That was without a doubt the craziest birthday I’ve had yet, and trying to top it might just be a fool’s errand 😉

      Good thing for me that I love acting the fool 😛

    • Thanks so much, Christine — you missed quite the party, but I hope you’re doing better 🙂 We’re toying with names for next year’s party already:

      DoomzDay 2: The Liquor Strikes Back
      DoomzDay 2: Thrisis (a crisis for turning 30)

      We’ll see how it goes 😛

  2. Happy belated man! Sounds like you had a blast – good that you had friends lookin out for you. Definitely makes things a lot easier when you have people you can trust. Then you can not worry about saying no to shots lol

    • Pavel, thanks buddy! It was a way bigger party than I’d originally anticipated — but everyone had an amazing time, so that’s always good 🙂

      I had lunch today with a really good friend who I now realize did everything in her power to make sure I came out of Friday night in one piece, so I’m extremely grateful for that 🙂

      As for saying “no” to shots, let me remember the 2-3 hours of the night that I can’t recall first, and then we’ll look into that.

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