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Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 01:30 pm

So the first self-improvement blog is going to be about eating right. Before you roll your eyes, let me lay it out like this:

1—I don’t count calories—heck. I barely remember how calories work into things from my high school chemistry classes. While many people I know can calculate how many calories they’ve consumed in a day with accuracy, if you handed me a burger, all I’d know is that it’s probably tasty.

2—I’m not here to tell you about eating healthier—directly. It’s important to eat healthy, yes, but I’m not an authority on s subject. I know that fast food sucks for your system and I feel horrible after eating it (physically, not guilt), but I don’t have the knowledge to tell you enough about how you could do better without it.

3—I’m also not going to lecture you on the amount you eat—some people think I don’t eat a lot, but Sarah can tell you that I can eat a ton when I feel like it. Her Mom loves feeding people, so early in our relationship, I was definitely overeating. I’ve become a bit more firm in eating to be satisfied and not full since then, though 😊 But yeah—food portions will change depending on where you live, what you’re making, the costs associated with making it. You do you—if you feel that you’re eating what you need to satisfy yourself, I’m not here to stop you.

So then, what the heck is this blog about? Eating what you already have. I’m pretty bad with eating breakfast, I must admit. Usually I’ll goof off so much in the mornings that I don’t leave much time for food by the time I’m getting dressed, showering and figuring out what tools I’ll need for the day. But I need to make a better effort at getting something in the system to start with, whether it’s as simple as a bowl of cereal or a Nutella sandwich, or a bowl of cut fruit. I feel a little more alert and ready to tackle the day’s challenges today than I normally do, and the food’s the only factor that’s changed.

But breakfast isn’t the only place where I can improve here. Eating the food I already have is another one.

Throughout high school, I can remember dipping across the street or down the road to the local pizza joint for lunch or the convenience store for a snack (went to 2 different high schools, folks). I’ve been working since I was 14, and I remember looking back at bank statements, amazed at how much cash I was dropping on food. It was ridiculous! But there are times where not much has changed. I may make more now, but I still drop nuff cash on restaurants. Still ridiculous. The high schooler in me just might need to grow up.

But yeah—there’s a ridiculous amount of food in the fridge—I have an eye out for certain things I wanna buy, but there’s no room for it! So instead of buying Booster Juice, I’m taking my aluminum cold drink thingy and mixing juice from the fridge for my day’s beverage. Instead of buying snack foods from the convenience store around the corner (“Sugar Shark”, don’t ask me…), I’ll plow through the box of clementines we have. There’s way better ways to use what’s already around me rather than to go out and accumulate more…

Aaaaaand I just remembered that I forgot some leftovers I wanted to bring for lunch in the fridge. Wack. But what can one do. I’ll need to eat it tomorrow.

So yeah. That’s what I’ll improve first. Using up the food I have at hand, instead of going out for stuff. I’d also say that I’d fit in more time for cooking, but let’s leave that as a to-do for later 😉

In other news, some random thoughts:

*I wish that the BlackBerry could write HTML emails (dunno if they covered this in OS6) so I could make bulleted lists and bolded text at the least—it’s a bit embarassing having to constantly find workarounds

*Wolfram Alpha sends out the email confirmations to the contest winners tomorrow, so I look forward to seeing how we all did and what kind of prize I might have got. Not really expecting more than a laptop skin or something, but we’ll see

*You can do anything using the Internet—today I traded a fellow colleague cereals—she liked Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I like Raisin Bran. We arranged a meetup spot, and bam! Planning in action! More randomness like that this year? Yes please!

Alright y’all—have a great night and keep your eyes open for more self-improvement. Got any tips? Wanna let me know if I could improve better at something in particular? Or maybe I even inspired you to do some self-improvement of your own? Let me know! I love comments, replying to comments and interacting in general 😊

Have a great one!

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