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Last updated on February 2nd, 2024 at 06:07 pm

Once upon a time, on some sites, my presence would garner multiple responses from users there. I would spend so much time on my computer and be so voluminous in my posts that people couldn’t help but know who I am. Things have definitely changed since then, though. Now I’m tired of putting effort into these pre-fabricated digital lifestyles—I’m more prone to quiet evenings at home reading and reflecting, attempting to make sense out of the mess that is pop culture, and chipping away at my various hobbies. Seriously, you should see it. My room’s like its own miniature workstation of doom, filled with newspaper and magazine clippings, half-completed sketchbooks, and various other items which I’ve chosen not to part with until I felt that they’ve served their purpose.

But let’s get back to that in just a second.

I’ve decided to start packing lighter. A lot lighter. For those who don’t know me, I’m never seen without a bag. I tend to get bored in various situations, so I try to pack a bag full of things that will keep me entertained. Whether it’s my Nintendo DS, a sketchbook and my severely outdated portfolio so people can see what I’ve done, my weighty Canon Powershot G7 with its wide-angle and telephoto lenses… et cetera, et cetera. So what have I done? I’ve downsized and reconsidered what I actually need to take with me.

So, currently, what can be found in my bag is:

  • my pencil case (which I want to downsize as well, by either using up what’s in it or by just sorting through it and leaving some things at home)
  • my notebook for work
  • my day planner (which I’ve started using coupled with Microsoft Outlook so that I don’t forget anything after I leave the office)
  • a 5″ x 7″ sketchbook in case I want to get anything down on paper (carrying mass amounts of loose leaves just stopped making sense—especially after a can of pop exploded over much of my works-in-progress, prompting me to scan them in for later digital inking)
  • umbrella (collapsible—can never be too careful)
  • Canon Powershot SD 800 IS with extra battery and charger (easier to carry as it’s a compact, still takes EXCELLENT pictures)
  • coupons to use (gotta renew the Chapters/Indigo iRewards card for another year—I get more books than I actually realize!)
  • two bottles of Fruitopia Fruit Integration (read: fruit punch; read: I need to hit up Dollarama so I stop paying overpriced amounts at the Gateway Newsstand at Union Station; read: I should look into getting a mini-fridge)
  • a bottle of One-A-Day multivitamins (which are kinda starting to smell inside that bottle…)
  • lip balm
  • a Sandisk Micromate SD card reader (for quickly transferring pictures and stuff)
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (why am I behind? Because I disliked Order of the Phoenix so much that I stopped reading the series. Harry was just whining the entire novel. Gross. But a coworker has been reasserting that The Deathly Hallows is well-written as opposed to OotP and HBP, so I guess I’ll just wrap it all up)

I’m hoping that I can keep this shift permanent so that I can stop killing myself with the weight of what I carry—you should’ve seen me walk home from the GO Train station in the summertime!

Recently, I’ve been passing time playing Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation 2 (which I’ll follow up with Kingdom Hearts 2 when I’ve finished it up). I’m trying to get through the series to really understand why there’s such a slash fandom following it all. But as I’ve come to discover, much of the hype is surrounding the villains in Kingdom Hearts 2, so I have a ways to go yet. Oy vey. But the game is pretty fun and extremely easy to get a handle on if you’re familiar with Final Fantasy games (it is made by Square, after all)—I’ve told my brother my boss-beating technique is called the “equip your party members with Hi-Potions, yourself with Mega-Ethers, jump and slash”. Works every time. Sora can cause a crud load of damage with his combos, and as long as he keeps healing, there’s very little to worry about. Good to see so many character cameos, though!

Running out of things to do on the Internet today. I’ve already:

After recently joining https://www.plentyoffish.com (a good friend has dubbed this “The Year of Dating” for us), I’ve kind of realized that I need a better framework of who I am. Elements of my being are scattered all over the Internet, and I need to bring them together. What I might do is use my website to import the info from other sites, so as to see them all at once, and give a good picture of what I’m all about. And then, if I do that, I could just re-work and combine it all into one comprehensive, albeit lengthy, statement of who I am and what I’m all about. I think that would be a pretty good way to go about it because even I often forget what the heck I’ve written about myself on various sites. I’ve already been forming a list of where I’m acting as a member most prominently.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of forming a blog for the things I buy, and why I do it, to give an objective eye to my self-therapy methods. I think it’d be interesting, especially considering that I buy things with sizeable price tags with alarming frequency. Maybe I’ll get on that.

Well, I think that’s enough of a brain-dump for one day. Thus, until next post, I remain:

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