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Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 10:03 pm

At the core of my being, I am not a worrier. I like to get things done and get them out of the way. I like to solve problems and make things better. I firmly believe that fussing, fretting and worrying do nothing to accomplish either of these things. It just makes you more anxious and likely to mess up.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t worry about anything. My ultimate worry is to wind up shuffling off of this mortal coil as “just another name”—that despite all of my efforts, I wasn’t able to make a permanent change to make the world a better place, even if just a little bit. This is the driving force behind why I work so hard on these side pursuits—so that they mean something and aren’t just forgotten as little whimsies I once had.

How do I deal with the worry? There’s probably better ways to deal with it than my approach—just not thinking about it. I put the worries out of sight and out of mind so that they don’t bother me and I can continue on with my life. But it’d probably be a far better idea for me to look at the worries, figure out whether they’re rational and then come up with plans on how to deal with them. But like I’ve said in the past—I’m not a planner. I do work, adapting to whatever the situation might be. I can plan, but it’s more my style to dive right in and do what needs doing.

I think we all have a few worries that constantly dangle over our heads, many of them stemming from the fact that we can’t see the future and don’t know what to expect. So all we can do sometimes is just do the work and hope for the best.

If not thinking about it doesn’t help, planning against your worries doesn’t help and just stubbornly doing the work until your worries don’t matter anymore doesn’t help, I suppose there’s only one thing left to do—deny, deny, deny. The very worst option available, but if you have to, take a page out of Alfred E. Neuman’s book—“What, Me Worry?”

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