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Everik’s LifeSaver III | Living Life Outlet-Free!

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Last updated on February 8th, 2024 at 01:01 am

Alright, gang, let’s be real for a moment—most phones suck these days.

My Samsung Galaxy SIII isn’t even 2 years old yet and it lags, it freezes, it restarts on its own when it feels like it… our technology’s disposable as soon as we take it out of the box. When the Trolls and I hit Buffalo last year in the days before fitting my Galaxy SIII with a Mophie case, I quickly discovered that using my GPS alone to get us there dropped my battery to 25%, and I spent the rest of the day struggling. The food court power outlets at the Fashion Outlets of Niagara turned out to just be for show; I dined at Grover’s while eyeing my phone plugged into the nearby wall, and was left hanging by myself while waiting for a table at the Walden Galleria’s Cheesecake Factory, huddled to a power source so I could get my Twitter on… I vowed never to wind up in that helpless situation again. My phone is my lifeline, and I can’t fear that I’ll wind up juiceless on the road when I find killer content I need to share.

Good thing that Everik’s LifeSaver III made sure I didn’t have to.

The Everik LifeSaver III—A Powerful Solution for Your Pesky Power Problems!

A hefty portable power pack with a staggering 9000 mAh power capacity, the LifeSaver III’s a versatile solution for the electronics that only give you so much juice to work with.

The dual outputs (one 2.4 amp and one 1.5) are great for the times where an underprepared relative or friend needs a little pick-me-up; it takes less than an hour to charge most smartphones; and with no external switches and a solid metal casing, you won’t have to worry about it becoming useless should you happen to drop it!

There’s even more the LifeSaver III has to offer:

  • Lifesaver power packs are made from airplane aluminum, which makes them strong, lightweight and durable—Everik even drove over the LS2 and it continued to work!
  • Lifesaver power packs house top quality cells that ensure long-lasting performance and can perform twice as many cycles or charges than their Chinese Competitors. (800 vs. 400)

For power users like me the LifeSaver III is a welcome addition while travelling whether you’re looking for a charge while tweeting quotables from a conference or Instagramming like a maniac on a shopping trip with friends. 

With Great Power Comes Great Flexibility!

So don’t suffer while on the road ever again—get your hands on some real hardware that’ll get your back for hours on end and consider an Everik LifeSaver III!

Get your mobile game right,

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