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Alright, gang, let’s be real for a moment—most phones suck these days.

My Samsung Galaxy SIII isn’t even 2 years old yet and it lags, it freezes, it restarts on its own when it feels like it… our technology’s disposable as soon as we take it out of the box. When the Trolls and I hit Buffalo last year in the days before fitting my Galaxy SIII with a Mophie case, I quickly discovered that using my GPS alone to get us there dropped my battery to 25%, and I spent the rest of the day struggling. The food court power outlets at the Fashion Outlets of Niagara turned out to just be for show; I dined at Grover’s while eyeing my phone plugged into the nearby wall, and was left hanging by myself while waiting for a table at the Walden Galleria’s Cheesecake Factory, huddled to a power source so I could get my Twitter on… I vowed never to wind up in that helpless situation again. My phone is my lifeline, and I can’t fear that I’ll wind up juiceless on the road when I find killer content I need to share.

Good thing that Everik’s LifeSaver III made sure I didn’t have to.

The Everik LifeSaver III—A Powerful Solution for Your Pesky Power Problems!

The Everik LifeSaver III—The Package

A hefty portable power pack with a staggering 9000 mAh power capacity, the LifeSaver III’s a versatile solution for the electronics that only give you so much juice to work with.

The dual outputs (one 2.4 amp and one 1.5) are great for the times where an underprepared relative or friend needs a little pick-me-up; it takes less than an hour to charge most smartphones; and with no external switches and a solid metal casing, you won’t have to worry about it becoming useless should you happen to drop it!

There’s even more the LifeSaver III has to offer:

  • Lifesaver power packs are made from airplane aluminum, which makes them strong, lightweight and durable—Everik even drove over the LS2 and it continued to work!
  • Lifesaver power packs house top quality cells that ensure long-lasting performance and can perform twice as many cycles or charges than their Chinese Competitors. (800 vs. 400)

For power users like me the LifeSaver III is a welcome addition while travelling whether you’re looking for a charge while tweeting quotables from a conference or Instagramming like a maniac on a shopping trip with friends. 

With Great Power Comes Great Flexibility!

The Everik LifeSaver III—What's in the Box?

So don’t suffer while on the road ever again—get your hands on some real hardware that’ll get your back for hours on end and consider an Everik LifeSaver III!

Get your mobile game right,

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86 replies on “Everik’s LifeSaver III | Living Life Outlet-Free!”

I think the Everik LifeSaver III will make a change in my life because I won`t be always worried about how much battery life is left on my phone. I just got a smart phone recently and it has an awesome camera on it, but taking pictures with it drains the battery so quickly…this would make a huge difference!!!

I have 3 teenagers who all live on their phones running out of battery is always a thing especially when we travel .Even at home trying to find all the right chargers etc is a pain. This would make things very simple and the fact that it is so durable is great when you have boys

Everik LifeSaver III certainly will make a change by giving me peace of mind that while I am away from home for long periods I can still be connected. (since my battery will be revived)

We travel a lot and I like to keep in contact with our family so this would be brilliant as we could keep all our gadgets charged wherever we are!

The Everik LifeSaver III will make a change in my life for all the travelling we do. Like you, I hate being caught when I am out somewhere with a low battery…grr…. This will just give me peace of mind. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

I think the Everik LifeSaver III will make a change in my life because I will not be in such a panic if I forget to charge my phone…which is my lifeline to the world!

I think it will be a game changer for our long family roadtrips. With tablets, iphones and other gadgets in the car, we use a lot of juice on the go! This would definitely make for a more enjoyable family unit!

I think the Everik LifeSaver III will make a change in my life becasue I would not have to worry about losing power on cellphone/tablets anywhere I am at and can’t plug them in

The Everiks Lifesaver III will change my life because I no longer have to scout out where the closest outlet is so I know where to run to when my phone is out of juice.

I think the Everik LifeSaver III will make a change in my life because I won`t get stuck with a dead battery like last year in a snow storm when I went off the road

The Everik LifeSaver III would make a HUGE difference in my life! I can’t tell you how many events I’ve been to where I have to choose between taking more pictures or live tweeting because I can see my battery draining right before my eyes! Searching for an outlet will be a thing of the past!!! 😀

For sure for me! I always try to find a plug wherever I go because my phone can rarely last a full day if I use it “fully” . However a charger on the go would make my day way easier!

I’ll give the Everik LifeSaver III to my daughter if I win it. I won’t have to worry about her not have any battery power on her cell phone.

I am ALWAYS draining my battery before supper – between blogging, social media, & entertaining the kids on Netflix, it takes its toll on my phone!

My phone’s battery gets drained really fast and we relied on the phone’s GPS to find our way out when we were travelling and this would be a lifesaver.

I think the Everik LifeSaver III will make a change in my life because it will save me from grocery store battles. My phone keeps me son happy while shopping. Its always dying!! This would be awesome!

This will be great for my phone, that seems to constantly out of battery 🙁 not sure why that is LOL -perhaps the nine year old that loves to play games on it? I am sure this could help the situation a bit though.

With four children I always need to have my phone charged and ready to go. This would help when I am out to make sure that my phone doesn’t die on me (as it always seems to do)

I need it most because my phone always give me lot of pain while i am traveling so much because of my business.

I think it will make a change because I am always forgetting to make sure my cell phone is charged and I get somewhere and realize it is dead! This would allow me to charge it no matter where I am!

because we rely on my cell phone so we can contact friends for directions but later the battery gets drained

It will mean that I will always be prepared with fully charged items. I’ll be able to photograph my grand-daughter and read on my Kobo reader without worrying about them going dead.

Well i won’t be looking for a public electrical outlet to recharge my phone lol. That i can live without! One of these is all you need !!

My phone always seems to run out of juice when I am at work. With the Everik LifeSaver III I will never be on my breaks and stuck with a dead phone again. Can only use the phone on breaks and no outlet where I take my breaks. Big life changer for me.

With so many of us in the house and all our electronics this would be amazing ! My phone always seems to be dying :/

The Everik LifeSaver III will make a change in my life because I won’t have to plan my life around finding the next outlet

I am working most of the time and on-call the rest. This means that a day at the movies, visiting the in-laws, or even just grocery shopping can be stressful because I might have to take a phone call and work from my laptop at any moment. Everik LifeSaver III will make a change in my life because it would be one less thing to worry about: my phone dying is always on my mind.

I think the Everik Lifesaver III will make a change in my life because I am always running down my phone battery when I’m hiking. I have a nature app I use to help identify wildflowers, birds, and mushrooms. I use the camera for picture taking. I use the note-taking app for writing down bits of poems and songs. And of course, I use the alarm so I can wake up early and catch the sunrise.

This will be great when we travel far, I use my ipad, daughter uses her phone and husband has his phone..this will help to keep us connected during those long trips or not so pleasant visits

everyone is always fighting for the chargers here for cell phones,ipods,,kindles,etc,,this would be great,,thanks so much!!

This would definitely help me out as a trucker in my truck all day everyday I certainly cant be without my phone and my cigarette plug in charger is almost kaput half hanging out the dash.

When we are camping or out and about we can have a way to still have battery power for our cell if we need it

We travel a lot on the weekends and often I’m going on 4 – 5 hour road trips with just myself and my little boy. Lots of the road we travel is pretty desserted and I’m always terrified of my phone battery dying and something happening to the car. This will def. help to ease my mind

This would make a major difference in my life as my husband travels a lot and in many areas his phone is roaming constantly which drains the battery very quickly. With this product I would not have to worry about being unable to reach him.

Not having to worry about running out of battery life mid day… that’s a big enough change! I won’t cut back on the amount of posting and lurking I already do on my phone… I’ll just increase it!

I travel and attend tons of events, and this will help me TREMENDOUSLY when promoting/sharing info!!

very busy household with lots of ‘toys’ and sometimes unreliable power source. this will be incredible. thanks

Because my battery will not run out whenever I use the phone!!! My battery seems to lose its charge whenever I most need the phone!!!

I think the Everik LifeSaver III would save in my life because I wouldn’t have to watch & limit my phone use while on the go (for taking photos, videos & sharing my experiences on social media!)

OMG, this makes travel easier with all the different voltage , outlet in different countries. Wow,-everiks-lifesaver is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity.

It will take away one of the stresses while traveling! Every time I want to take a picture or two with my phone, I find out my battery is either dead or dying!

It’ll help make sure I always have powder on my phone, especially when we use it quite often for geocaching and travelling.

This would make a huge change in my life for the better. I have a teenager who is continually running out the battery on his cell phone, so therefore can’t be reached in times of emergency. This would provide a solution to that problem.

The Everik LifeSaver 111 will make a huge difference in my life by giving me the confidence to go anywhere and have my phone charged among othe electronic gadgets I have.It’s very important to me as Icommutealone at night to and from my work.Thanks for this awesome oppotunity to win one.

My phone always dies when I need it the most. This will be amazing and help reduce a lot of the dead battery-induced stress in my life!!!

It would be great on the go. I usually let my kids use my phone for the learning apps while I shop. This would make sure my battery doesn’t run out.

I have 4 kids that I need to be able to stay in contact with … One in particular that always uses the excuse her phone died ….. this would come in handy for sure

This would make communication with my family so much easier. My phone is always dying and then no one can get ahold of me!

My husband’s phone runs out of power within one day and has to be recharged. This would be a life-saver when we are out on trips.

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