Happy Father’s Day from Tile!

May You Never Lose Your Possessions Again!

Last updated on April 14th, 2021 at 12:16 am

Our Tile family’s grown significantly since last we crossed paths, tracking far more than just our car keys now! With a new Tile Mate four-pack keeping track of our house keys, additional car key, and Sarah’s purse (well, the one that matters most, anyway), it makes getting out the front door a lot easier, than it’s been in all the years we’ve been together.

Happy Father's Day from Tile—May You Never Lose Your Possessions Again!—Tile Mate Box

When I recently asked what Dads really want for Father’s Day, “time” was the #1 answer! It’s such a sparse commodity for far too many of us, and if a tool can help you get some of it back by taking the guesswork out of knowing where your stuff is, why wouldn’t you use it?

For those not in the loop, Tile’s a powerful way to track your prized possessions!

It does a few things:

  • It’ll ring a chime if you’re looking for it, as long as you’re inside its 100-foot Bluetooth radius
  • Even if you’re outside the radius, it’ll show the Tile’s last-known location in the Tile App so you can go back where you left it
  • And if it’s lost or stolen, Tile’s community of over eight million Tiles sold will help find it—they talk to each other, giving their current locations no matter where they are!

So in addition to its convenient size, interesting features and the fact you can buy new ones at a discount when their batteries run out, if Tile’s not part of your life already, that’s something you should strongly consider correcting!

This Father’s Day, Help Dad Take Control of His Time with Tile!

I mean, the concept behind Tile is so simple it feels like there’s little more to say. See it. Ring it. Find it. We’re in an age where we try so hard to make everything feature-rich—what’s wrong with something having one job and doing it well?

Good luck to all who enter, and until the next, I remain,

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Disclaimer: As mentioned, Tile gave me a Tile Mate four-pack for review. But all thoughts and opinions remain my own!

By Casey E. Palmer

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44 replies on “Happy Father’s Day from Tile!”

This would be awesome for my husbands keys, he is always missplacing them or his phone!!

My purse with personal items in it, like my credit card, driver’s license, bank cards, various membership cards, phone, car keys etc etc. It is such a hassle to replace all of these.

My purse because it contains my keys, grooming products, and most of all my wallet with my driver’s license, credit cards, & precious pics of my grandson!

My purse and keys!!! I hate to have to replace all my cards of importance! What a hassle that would be.

Definitely don’t want to lose my wallet and I have left it behind a couple times, talk about panic!

It would be great if I could use it to locate my most precious….kids!
I also lose my car keys, house keys & tv remote! Of course only in winter or rain or if my car is runnning!!

I wish I could attach it to my head.. lol but, seriously I would attach to my keys – I am forever looking for them. They need to create an Find my Debit Card app too! I lose that too.

My mountain bike as it is quite expensive. I use it everyday for transportation and trail riding on the weekends.

I’d say my mind but I’ m sure I’ve already lost it….so I’ll go with Miss Lexy (my dog)

I have have to say my house keys and car keys 🙂 they are something i am always misplacing , this would be wonderful to keep track of them 🙂

I would attach it to my iphone. I need it for work and to keep in contact with some ill relatives.

My wallet would be the number 1 priority item for me to attach the Tile to. My ID & all those cards are so time-consuming to replace.

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