Fighting the Problem, not the Symptoms

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Road signs that point to how you're doing physically

Sometimes when you’re stressed, you won’t really recognize that it’s there. There are times where it’ll be more obvious—you might eat less, feel down or lose sleep over things. You might react to things emotionally—get angrier, sadder or just plain crazier depending on what’s going on.

But it’s the slow burn of stress that’s the worst—the times where it creeps up on you gradually, changing you bit by bit. You start to enjoy your favourite things a little less. You start to be a little less happy, a little less energetic, a little less focused. It’s like something eating away at you inside, making you far less of the person that you’re supposed to be.

You try to shake it off. You try to find a way to get back what you’ve lost and go back to easier times. But you eventually discover that making a series of wrong decisions in life can gnaw away at the core of your soul—it’s like being sick with no medicine that you know of that’ll help.

Stress is an invisible assailant—one of the hardest to fight off. When we fight in life, we often flail about aimlessly, fighting the symptoms and not the problems themselves. When we get headaches, we pop pills instead of getting rid of the source of the headaches. We feel cramped in the small spaces that are our homes, but we don’t stop buying the stuff that takes up all of our room.

So when you’re fighting all that stress and trying to make yourself whole again, I think you’ll have a fighting chance if you try to do more with less rather than do more to get less. What good is yoga, herbal tea, tai chi or self-help guides if you don’t change your behaviour?

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By Casey E. Palmer

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