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Last updated on February 11th, 2024 at 04:56 pm

Hello from 10,000 or so feet above sea level. I’ve been in this plane a little over a half-hour, and I’ve already passed out, drooled, read over my neighbour’s shoulder and wanted to get off the damn plane.

You see, I’m not a big fan of flying. It’s not that I’m scared of anything—I just think it’s natural to feel uncomfortable in any situation we don’t regularly deal with.

Have me ride in a car and I’m cool—no motion sickness, no feelings of claustrophobia; everything is copacetic. If I’m driving a car, on the other hand, senses are heightened, my heart rate increases—I’m a fish out of water, being someone who doesn’t own a car. Speaking of water, I’m not the greatest swimmer, so anything finding me submerged is generally a no-go. Which brings us back to air travel—we weren’t given wings as a species, so I suspect that flying is either:

  • something that we weren’t meant to do;
  • something that we were meant to do, but only with great difficulty; or
  • something we’ll never achieve naturally

Any way I look at it, I’m often not a fan of this flying business. Sitting in cramped quarters next to strangers, the only thing that makes it slightly easier is beer served at no extra cost and having a bladder like a camel by my window seat.So what’s the lesson here? I think sometimes the lesson is that there IS no lesson. While it’s been good to be away and explore new places, it’s always a pretty good feeling to be coming home, and that’s a lesson I need to keep teaching myself all the time.

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