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Part I Basic Info

  1. what is your name, and/or what do you prefer to be called? Casey Evertove Palmer. Casey or Case is fine by me.
  2. when is your birthday? do you celebrate birthdays? July 15th, 1983. I celebrate, but I find it harder to enjoy each year because I always find it difficult to come up with things to do that I haven’t done.
  3. where are you from (explain in as much detail as you like) and where are you now? Mississauga, Ontario, Canada is my birthplace and current residence. Jamaican origin. Suspected Ghanian origins 5-6 generations back.
  4. where did/do you go to high school, college, grad school, etc? 4 elementary schools, 2 high schools, 1 university (York University, Toronto, ON)—not really too fond of the university, though. Felt like it was a waste of time.
  5. how would you describe yourself? A creative soul somewhat-gainfully employed as a financial analyst. I need to break the hell out.

Part 2 Self-Identification

how do you identify

  1. ethnically? Canadian. Jamaicans will call me Ja-fake-an, so Canadian it is.
  2. racially? Black. Calling myself anything else seems artificial.
  3. gender? Male.
  4. politically? Liberal by default. I have no strong affiliations. Give me candy, and I can probably be swayed.
  5. religiously/spiritually/philosophically? Self-diagnosed agnostic spiritual. There are forces beyond our comprehension and life on other planets, we just don’t know it’s there for sure.
  6. sexual orientation? I like wimmens.
  7. any other aspect of self i forgot? Average build, black hair, mahogany brown eyes when shone under strong light, left-handed with mostly right-hand dominance, constantly struggling against authoritative forces, passionate about oh-so-little, cat-like (I like sleep, sun, and warmth—hate water).

Part 3 aspirations

  1. what do you do? are you working? part-time? full-time? all the time? Full-time as a financial analyst for the Ontario Public Service, i.e. provincial government. I work nights on my own personal projects.
  2. what’s your job? what career are you working towards? Financial Analyst working towards becoming an esteemed artist.
  3. what would you do if money wasn’t a concern and you couldn’t fail? Run the biggest and most fun creative company ever known to the history of humankind. Eat THAT Puffy. Spielberg. GATES.
  4. what do you love to do? Sleep, game, scrabble, sketch, sing, soak (okay, I like WARM water), converse intellectually, read, indulge in media.
  5. what would you like to accomplish in the next 5 years? Paying off my debts. Starting up some semblance of an art thing. Travel more. Find a decent, steady girlfriend.
  6. what MUST you do before you die? Live.

Part 4 relationships/etc

  1. who is an ideal mate for you? There’s quite the list. Intelligence, humour, open-mindedness… I dunno. She’s gotta be all around cool and adventurous, but she gotta be able to meet the folks at the same time.
  2. what are your thoughts on monogamy? Not 100% flexible, but I’m not fixated upon it.
  3. is love a requirement for a relationship? Not to start with, I don’t think. As time passes, I think so, yeah. In some form or another.
  4. do you begin a relationship in a “love” frame of mind, or is it something that grows on you over time? I used to. Now, I don’t know.
  5. what is dating really about? Finding someone that gives you a reason to smile consistently. Finding someone to help you get through life.
  6. are you in a relationship(s) now? No.
  7. if not, is it something you’re looking for? Yeah, it comes with its benefits and its pitfalls.
  8. how long has it been since you were in one? I don’t think I particularly consider any relationship I’ve been in a “true” relationship.
  9. if you are in a relationship, how long have you been together? n/a
  10. how did you meet? n/a
  11. is it love? n/a
  12. are you happy? I’ve been better, but I’m not depressed. Just a little burnt-out, I guess.

Part 5 Happiness

  1. when is the last time you had fun–a lot of fun? One night in Barcelona was the last time I remember having a crapload of fun.
  2. who are you closest to? My good friends.
  3. who makes you happy? My buddy Rami. He’s too energetic not to cheer me up.
  4. how did you meet your closest friends? High school, work, LJ.
  5. what do you like most about yourself? Charisma.
  6. what do you believe in? That everyone gets what’s coming to them.
  7. what do your friends and/or family like most about you? I have no clue. Intelligence maybe? I get more of an indication of “disappointment” or “resentment” than like most times.
  8. Do you go to concerts? What was the last you went to? Not really. Last I went to was a free Aretha Franklin show.
  9. what do you do for fun? Scrabble’s my current addiction.
  10. what do you do to relax? Sleep. Catch up on my shows and movies.
  11. what stresses you out? Life and it not being fun.
  12. name your favorite artists, albums, or songs: Way too many to name. The iPod’s bumping 8500+ right now. I like a lot of music in the 70s—90s range, but there’s a long list. Maybe I’ll export some iTunes lists sometime.
  13. favorite movies: Also a long list. “The Shawshank Redemption” and “SE7EN” I love to go back to, though.
  14. what tv shows do you watch regularly? Heroes (semi-regularly); Avatar: The Last Airbender; Naruto Shippuuden; Bleach
  15. do you listen to the radio? what station format? Can’t say that I do anymore, with the exception of the easy listening that my parents play in the morning.
  16. do you drink? smoke? do drugs? have any other equally unhealthy addictions (shopping compulsively, for example) Drink socially. Bite my nails far too often.

Part 6 livejournal land

  1. what do you use LJ for? Nothing much these days. I’m going to establish a new blog to catalogue my life in a hopefully exciting way, and the LJ will probably get my more private stuff.
  2. i have filters for various subjects: benign triviality, relationship stuff, writing, and the last one for things that are really really personal including sexual and health details. please let me know if you do NOT want to be included in any of these filters. I’m cool with whatever.
  3. do you have any triggers/subjects about which you would never like to read? i.e. abortion, abuse, rape, drug use, violent crime, or anything? if so let me know and i will definitely respect that. Also pretty cool with whatever.
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