Ford Canada | North American International Auto Show 2014

Three Days in Detroit for Some #FordNAIAS Fun!

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I haven’t been out to the Detroit-Windsor corridor since late 2008 when my brother-in-law got married there, and only 9 months into dating, Sarah led me into an ambush, seating me at a table with many of her paternal uncles and cousins who I’d meet for the very first time. (Quite the feat to make a good impression while hungover, but that, my friends, is a story for another time!)

Ford Social—Badges—Ford Edge
Proud to drive an Edge!

But Ford Canada’s been really good to me these past couple of years. From inviting me to their second annual Blue Party to sending a care package when I bought my 2011 Ford Edge last summer, they’ve been a solid team to work with.

This year, they kicked it up a notch by invited me as one of a dozen Canadian bloggers as their guest at Putting You In The Driver’s Seat: the NAIAS Blogger Experience, which revolved around the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

Day 1: From YYZ to DTW, The Moth, The Westin and a Whole Lotta Trouble, Too!

Though it was hard to imagine being away from Sarah and DoomzToo for even a day, my blog’s a big part of our lives, and #FordNAIAS presented a unique opportunity to add more depth to the blog.

The trip started with some complications, between a check-in that wouldn’t go through on the Delta mobile app; luggage trapped in the garage, the door frozen shut from all the ice Toronto’s faced lately; and a checked baggage charge for the duffel bag I was left using, I arrived at my gate several hours early to start my journey (despite a “random” full-body search apparently requested by my carrier).

I’m not much of one for breakfast, so the first stop was the Nobel Burger Bar, an overpriced bistro-style joint just down from Gate A14 in Terminal 3, where I’d be boarding. My sandwich du jour was the One Burger — a charbroiled patty topped with grilled peameal bacon, aged cheddar, tomato and onion mayo—which was alright, but definitely not one of the best burgers I’ve had in town. While the service was friendly (perhaps a little too friendly, if you ask me), my suggestion is to eat well before you go to the airport!

The uneventful flight there aside (I’d easily spend more time in airports than I actually would in the air), it was amazing that Ford set us up at the Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport, a pretty swanky hotel attached to its namesake airport! Though many of the Canadian contingent spent less than 8 hours total sleeping in their ridiculously comfortable queen-sized beds, we appreciated that it wasn’t had to reach and that our hosts were quite generous in ensuring we had a great time.

#FordNAIAS 2014—The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport—Double Guest Room—Panorama

The first day was light, where we caught the tail-end of lunch and help opening ceremonies in the Westin’s Lindbergh Ballroom, eating (or in my case, picking at) some of their banquet fare and listening to stories told by The Moth.

The room’s reception to the stories was divided. Still, as keen on storytelling as I am, I especially appreciated Adam Wade and Shannon Cason and Adam Wade’s vulnerable stories of the dangers of gambling and the pain of not fitting in. Amy Brill made the crowd laugh, and Erin Zindle was killer on the fiddle.

#FordNAIAS 2014—Day 1—The Westin Lindbergh Ballroom—Cupcakes
Om nom nom nom…

We wrapped the night up with desserts, drinks and some random American youths who would soon regret sitting at a table of proud, smart and quick-witted Canadians… but I’m pretty sure that’s Amanda’s story to tell.

A few hours’ sleep and some episodes of The Shield later, and it was time to really get into this #FordNAIAS event!

Day 2: The 2014 North American International Auto Show, or—Bright Lights, Big City, Blasphemous Budget!

#FordNAIAS 2014—Day 2—Cobo Hall—North American International Auto Show—Floor
Just a quick idea of what it was like to walk around the North American International Auto Show

This isn’t your standard post about the 2014 North American International Auto Show.

I am not a car enthusiast. I didn’t spend my time salivating over specs nor eagerly anticipating announcements of the newest automotive innovations to hit the market. Despite growing up in the suburbs west of Toronto, where kids get their licences as soon as humanly possible to escape the nighttime boredom that besieges their cities, I felt at home on the public transit system, preferring to take the scenic route with a good book or some new tunes—my thrill was in the journey, not the destination. If I wasn’t becoming a father, I might have never bought a car, though I’ll admit it comes in handy when the subway won’t go where I need to go.

But even though curb weight, RPMs and horsepower don’t make me drool, I still found things to admire about NAIAS 2014 and Ford’s approach to making sure 120 media reps knew at least a little more about the world behind the blue oval than they did when they landed in Detroit. Ford’s treat to its #FordNAIAS media was an area especially for then called Behind the Blue Oval — a place to rest weary feet, recharge the barrage of devices we carried with us, and learn tons about what it takes to make Ford as strong a brand as it is.

If cars are your thing, NAIAS is what you want to get to. The largest automotive show of its kind in North America, it refuses to hold back in its efforts to impress, astound and bedazzle its attendees with the newest, best and flashiest cars that automotive industry has to offer.

Not everyone showed up (shout-out Mitsubishi). Still, you could see through the vehicles, unique booth displays (complete with well-adorned men, sleekly-dressed women and rammed open bars) and over-the-top presentations that every company wanted you to remember them more than all the other companies.

Seeing it All at Cobo Hall

If any of you mistakenly believe that I somehow caught a break from parenting through this trip, let me clarify—Ford means business. If they’re flying you out to Motor City to learn about all the cool things they’ve planned for the coming year and show you how the magic happens—your day’s gonna be packed.

Us bloggers started with Ford’s keynote address, a visually stunning mélange of cars driving on- and off-stage to match their relevant parts in the presentation, and the ultimate reveal of the 2015 Ford F-150 by driving the trucks through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man.

Tone = set.