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Last updated on January 29th, 2024 at 03:08 pm

A lot of my more random work is done while I’m sitting in class, supposed to be taking notes. I used to be able to sketch a bit at work as well, but the branch I’m in now is just too fucking busy to really get anything done. (Including my actual work!) Annoys the heck outta me, to be honest, but what to do for now. I need money until I graduate in April 😊 Not that I won’t need money then, but maybe I can change my lifestyle a bit. Anyway, the first two here were originally done in blue ballpoint pen on lined paper and then cleaned up in Photoshop, and the last one is a tattoo design I did for a (now ex-)boyfriend of a coworker. Observe!

For this first one, I was visualizing him as the leader of a street gang that painted themselves as skeletons. I’m pretty sure I sketched it out while I was sitting in Psych class a few weeks back.

This was probably from the same class—Bernhardt the Belligerent Bear. Just an escape from regular stuff—you’ll be seeing him time and again in the coming weeks. I like him.

And that tattoo I mentioned—I used a random 18-wheeler pic from Google for reference and changed the details to meet the specifications. There are a few small errors here and there, but I’m happy with it in general.

That’s all for now, folks!

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad


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