Getting Down with the Beat Bugs!

Netflix Stream Team | Season 1, Episode 7

Last updated on April 24th, 2021 at 11:46 pm

My love for Netflix runs deep. It’s on when I work on the blog, it’s on for my date nights… the streaming service’s grown with me, and now my eldest son’s experiencing the same!

One recent offering for your child’s insatiable appetite for content? Netflix’s Beat Bugs—an animated show with singers like P!nk, Aloe Blacc, Eddie Vedder and Sia weaving well-known Beatles songs with uplifting stories and life lessons!

The Netflix Stream Team—Season One, Episode Seven—Getting Down with the Beat Bugs!—The Beat Bugs Swag Box

To spread the word about Beat Bugs, Netflix sent its Stream Team members boxes of Beat Bugs swag to film our own “All You Need is Love” music videos, covering the show’s opening theme!

And for me, sinking my teeth ever-deeper into Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, putting something special together was an opportunity I couldn’t resist!

You can check out the Palmers’ take on it right here:

Netflix’s Beat Bugs—Combining New-School Talent with Old-School Values.

The Netflix Stream Team—Season One, Episode Seven—Getting Down with the Beat Bugs!—Beat Bugs Group

My children’s screen time is precious—no one likes the TV playing substitute parent, so why not make sure they’re watching something with values you can stand by? Give Beat Bugs a try—your earholes will thank you for it!

Until the next, I remain,

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Disclaimer: I wrote this as a Netflix Stream Team member, creating content for gratis subscriptions, swag and other perks. I hope you enjoy the show and the contest if you enter!

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24 replies on “Getting Down with the Beat Bugs!”

I like pretty much everything so my kids are enjoying a large variety of music genres.

My girls love top 40 (pop especially) I make sure I play 90’s hits around them though as those are my favourite!

I prefer alternative rock but I also have a soft spot for Nickleback (sorry, not sorry) that I’ve passed to my kids. We listen to 90s music frequently too (I have a ton of Big Shiny Tunes CDs and my youngest loves them).

In my house, we play alot of everything. We enjoy music of today as well as music from the 80’s and 90’s which apparently is now classified as the oldies! OMG

We play lots of different types of music here ranging from new to 50s! Favourite genre for our kids is 80s

Pretty much all of it, I know for sure things like Supremes and Beatles, ABBA, grunge, pop, Weird Al, and when she’s a little older, Heavy Metal. She has also been exposed to Classical, musicals, and rap, but only here and there.

Oldies…like the Beatles, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Abba etc! My 3 year old loves Dancing Queen!

Dance when the kids were babies I would always turn on the music and dance, now they ask for the music to be turned on so we can dance.

I’m passing down 80’s & 90’s rock and country. My kids all love music and I love hearing them sing along to the songs I grew up loving.

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