GIVEAWAY: Feed Your Kids the RIGHT Way With Baby Gourmet!!!

Feed Your Kids the RIGHT Way With Baby Gourmet!!!—Jen Carlson in the GardenThis is Jen. Jen’s the mom of two children. Two children she loves so much that she’d never feed them anything she wouldn’t eat herself. Jen wouldn’t always find that easy, though—like many parents, Jen found herself frustrated by the poor quality and lacking content of baby food available in grocery stores. She wanted food that was nutritious, delicious, and without any of the unnecessary additives she knew better than to eat as an adult.

It’s a good thing, then, that Jen’s the founder of Baby Gourmet, Canada’s leading organic baby food brand!

How to Feed Your Kids the RIGHT Way with Baby Gourmet!

Feed Your Kids the RIGHT Way With Baby Gourmet!!!—Sweet Potato, Apple and Chicken + Black Bean, Sweet Corn, Chicken and Quinoa + Veggie Beef Bolognese with Pasta Stars

Borne from the homemade baby food Jennifer Carlson sold at a Calgary farmer’s market in 2006, she took the feedback she got from the parents buying her food and grew it into what would eventually become what we know as Baby Gourmet today!

As a consumer, I rarely consider the stories behind the products I see on the shelves. Like most, I fail to recognise that there was once a time where the options I clearly take for granted simply didn’t exist.

But Jen Carlson’s story is one worth telling—one that turned the ideal of healthy baby food into something I bought to feed my kids. It’s something that now holds 20% of the Canadian baby food market share, sold in 90% of places where baby food’s sold. For a generation of parents who really care about what ends up in their children’s bellies, Baby Gourmet is an excellent option with low-acid, high-protein organic meals sure to satisfy even the most adventurous eater.

Though both my kids started on solids early, Baby Gourmet was often a convenient go-to in those earlier months, offering meals of puréed fruits, vegetables, meats and whole grains all modelled after the meals we’d have ourselves! Flavours include combinations like sweet potato, apple and chicken, and veggie beef bolognese with pasta stars. With more than 20 flavours, textures and ingredient mixes available, you’ll always be able to find something to give your baby the protein they need to grow strong and healthy!

Feed Your Kids the RIGHT Way With Baby Gourmet!!!—How to Take Baby Gourmet on the GoIf you know someone with your babies that might fall in love with Baby Gourmet like my guys did, then you’re in luck! One lucky Canadian will win my Baby Gourmet Giveaway, getting 12 packs’ worth of two different flavours so they can teach their baby the joys of gourmet eating! As with all contests on Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad, it only takes a click and a valid email address to enter, but you improve your chances by choosing some of the optional methods! (Contest open to Canadians aged 18+ living outside of Quebec. Contest ends December 10th @ 11:59 PM ET.)

The Baby Gourmet Giveaway!

Baby Gourmet—Because Healthy Kids Come from a Healthy Diet

Feed Your Kids the RIGHT Way With Baby Gourmet!!!—Jen Carlson in the KitchenBaby food isn’t the appalling mash it used to be, unappealing colours and textures in tiny little jars, ubiquitous in grocery stores nationwide. While it takes some time for them to think and act like us, our children’s bodies function much like ours do, so why give them food we’d never touch?

I’ve always believed that if you don’t like something you change it—but fortunately, Jen’s already done the legwork for you, and the modern parent can feed their babies with food that’s both great to try and good for them.

Though my boys have since moved on to the world of solids, eating whatever Mommy and Daddy eat when they feel so inclined, no matter what they choose to shove to their faces, at least I know they got a solid start with foods like Baby Gourmet.

I know—there’re a ton of options out there for things to feed your youngins, but don’t make the mistake of putting a price on their well-being. Invest in your kids and give them food that’ll benefit them for years to come.

Give ’em Baby Gourmet!

Treat those kids well, and until the next, I remain,

–case p.

Disclaimer: So I mean, the brand offered product for review, and I said “no” since the boys are already well into solid foods. But then they countered with some Slammers Snacks to try, and well… that’s the story of how I wound up with 48 packs of food designed for kids on the go.

Sarah questions my life choices sometimes.

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21 replies on “GIVEAWAY: Feed Your Kids the RIGHT Way With Baby Gourmet!!!”

We bought our daughters healthy food from loblaws 🙂 Big fan of baby gourmet <3 Love all the different varities

When my kids were young, I made all their baby food myself. I just pureed whatever it was that we were eating. Fortunately, they’re not and still aren’t picky eaters.

Besos Sarah
Journeys of The Zoo

We purchase our Baby gourmet products from Longos, little guy especially loves the oatmeal and brown rice cereal.

I find healthy options for my kiddos with Baby Gourmet. They’re available is several of our local stores like Walmart, Zehrs and The Real Canadian Superstore. My 2 year old loved them when he started eating solids and my 7 month old is well…. coming around lol! Thanks for an awesome #giveaway CaseP!

We find healthy options for our kiddos wherever Baby Gourmet is on sale at that week. Thank you.

I try to make as many of the meals as possible, but Baby Gourmet has been my “go to” whenever I don’t have time or am “on-the-go”.

We have a garden every year and both of our parents have huge gardens and/or farms so we do a lot of local healthy eating.

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