Tile Mate: Helpin’ You Keep Your Stuff BY YOUR SIDE

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I’ve always had a bad habit of losing my stuff.

I mean, it’s largely because I carry too much stuff, but Murphy’s Law runs true, and the things you lose are often the ones that matter most. Keys. Wallets. Phones. Jewellery. We’re so caught up in our hectic days that it’s easy to lose track of the things we put down. Or notice when something falls out of our pockets. Heck—we could be falling apart and not notice ’til it’s too late.

I mean, it’s 2016 and—thank goodness—we’re able to track our handheld devices just about anywhere on the globe… but why can’t we do that with our other stuff?

Presenting the Tile Mate—Your New Counter to Kleptomaniacs and Absentmindedness Alike!

Built to help protect the things we care about most, Tile’s Tile Mate is a mighty device in a tiny package making it easier to find your valuables when they become woefully misplaced!

Measuring an impressively small 11cm², the Tile Mate’s loaded with a number of features that help make missing possessions a thing of the past:

  • tiny speakers that play a loud melody heard even when under piles of laundry or several rooms away;
  • when you’re too far to hear it, the Tile App remembers your Tile Mate’s last location… even if you don’t;
  • for those of us prone to misplacing our phones, you can double-click your Tile Mate and make a noise on your phone—even on silent mode;
  • and my favourite feature—if your Tile Mate’s lost or stolen, you can set your Tile App to notify you when any other Tile gets near it. So the more Tiles people buy, the more chance you find your lost possession! How cool is that?!

So theoretically, for $25 or less a Tile, you can buy yourself some peace of mind. And at a cost far cheaper than the time, effort and money it takes to replace the things we work so hard to get.

The one downside? It uses proprietary battery technology to keep itself going. So while there’s zero upkeep—no charging or cords required—that battery lasts a year, and you can’t replace it yourself once it’s through. Instead, you send Tile your old Tile Mate through their reTile program, and get a new one sent back at up to 30% off!

The Tile Mate: So Great I Have to Give it Away!

So I believe in Tile. I believe there’s value in being able to find your stuff with a single button press, and I look forward to life without asking Sarah where the car keys are every time I want to go out. Whether you use it on your everyday items that you simply couldn’t do without or those costly gifts you found waiting under the tree, the Tile Mate’s simple to use and effective, with so many ways to keep on top of your stuff.

And one of you will win a set of four to call your very own!

Some Things You Lose and Can Never Get Back. For Everything Else, There’s Tile Mate.

Tile Mate—Helping You Keep Your Stuff BY YOUR SIDE.—Tile Mate Front and Side Views

So if you’re a recovering mislayer like me, trying to get a handle on all the stuff in your life, maybe it’s time to invest in Tile.

Why make things harder for ourselves? It’s not as if we’re made of money. So why not feel a little short-term pain for some huge long-term gains and put a Tile Mate on the things that matter most?

Let’s start a new year making some great decisions!

Keep your stuff safe and until the next, I remain,

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Disclaimer: Tile supplied me with a Tile Mate for review, but I’ve wanted to explore geotracking services for a while anyway, so it was a solid fit. Good luck to those who enter!

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33 replies on “Tile Mate: Helpin’ You Keep Your Stuff BY YOUR SIDE”

I would be interested to see if it works with Apple products and Androids – can you connect it to multiple devices?
It is a shame the battery only last a year – I would be interested to see how much I used it.

The Tile Mate is one cool device now can it find me a Mate? Just kidding! I have no other questions, and would love to have some.

This sounds like a super product! Will if keep my husband from complaining he cant find his keys??!! Sounds like it!! 🙂

yes , i would love to know about the battery myself , is it a lot to replace ? if it can be replaced ?

I wish I could get about 100,000 of them and stick to everything. I am constantly misplacing and never finding items when I need them.

If I was lucky enough to win these 4 could I use them one after the other on the same object and they’d then last 4 yrs?

I’d love to see how good of a signal the tiles give through walls. I have some wi-fi dead spots in my older house and I’d hate for them to he the place things go when I lose them.

Do they have a particular coverage, I mean up to what distance can this operate. This is perfect for my family who always look and missing something like keys.

I’d most likely use this for my keys…but I wonder if the volume is to loud to put on my cat. It would make it easier to find her when she escapes but I don’t want to scare the crap out of her either. lol

I am with other regarding wanting to know how long the battery lasts? This would be great for my wallet since I tend to set it down and forget where I put it.

Sure would be handy, especially with a few of them! Wondering if waterproof or moisture proof..living on the west coast so wet and lots of moisture, like if dropped in a puddle or got wet indoors…

My husband so needs this! He can’t find anything, and relies on me to tell him where his stuff is! Thanks for the chance Casey!

So, say if you were to put it on a bicycle, you could conceivably find it again when another ’tiler’ came close to it? Like if someone stole your bicycle. And/or what is the max distance you can retrieve?

I have a special needs child who tends to wander at times. I wonder if Tile Mate would work if I placed it somewhere on his person like a personal GPS system so I could locate him quickly if he wandered.

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