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Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 07:26 pm

I could’ve done a Valentine’s Day entry, but I didn’t have it in me. I have a lot of ideas concerning love, dating and relationships, but this isn’t a blog focusing on that. That’ll be for another place and another time, and maybe by next Valentine’s Day I’ll have something solid for y’all to read. Oh no, today’s post is something else altogether. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t writing a good post and settling.

Good isn’t good enough. Good means that you haven’t been trying enough. Good is the end goal of those striving for mediocrity. No, my friends, you want to be AMAZING.

Today, for the most part, was a write-off. I’ve started to write this with my thawing hands on my way to a dodgeball game that I hope we win. I’ve had the last four days off from work (i.e. calendar days and not business days), whereupon I invested much of my time and energy in church, time with friends and family, and—in some poor judgment on my part with time management—Breaking Bad. I planned to do great things with my time but quickly saw it devoured by pursuits that don’t really add to my skill set.

But can one move at a frenetic pace for only so long before they burn out? I can attest to this since I never learn my lesson and have done time and time (and time) again. You want to do everything, but it’s a physical impossibility.

So how do you strike that balance? How can you get your want-to-dos and have-to-dos sorted out so that you’re not shortchanging yourself?

I think there are two schools of thought on this. Either:


Here is the belief that one can never figure this out—that they are forever trapped within the vicious cycle, never fully realizing their ambitions due to the responsibilities that overshadow them, or vice versa. You will always have things you want to do, but they will always be overshadowed by your job, kids, family, social obligations, etc.


This is more me. I don’t let life limit me—I’ll eventually figure all of this out. Work’s definitely not without its list of things to do, but if I can keep working at my ideas bit by bit, I’ll get there. 2011 will have its share of business plans, frameworks, clean-ups and adventures; I’m going to do as many of them as possible, and try my damnedest not to whine about it when I have to miss something. Anything worthwhile will likely run you ragged. You’ll miss out on sleep, you’ll have to make difficult choices, but if you want it badly enough—you’ll get there.

Originally I’d put a video post together, but you know what? It was rushed. It was mediocre. So I got this out, and I feel a little better about it 😊 Anyway, some food for thought.

Check in tomorrow for some more awesome!

Until then,

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