Guess who’s bizzack?!

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I haven’t really drawn all that much, but it’s better than nothing, right?

A scene of my Fish & Chimps characters drinking at a bar

They’re both group pics—the first was something I was putting together when I was down by Andy’s Pool & Bar (Bathurst & College, downtown Toronto) for a friend’s going-away shindig. People who know me know that when I start to get uninvolved in my surroundings, I start to doodle (and perchance the lady who threw the party is reading this, there were five people, and I was the odd one out when I started this—I drew Kirby on command to compensate!!!). A lot of people who’ve followed Fish & Chimps were surprised that I show Kyle smoking here, but I’m going to point out two things

  1. I don’t design my characters to be perfect. As time goes on, I’d like to develop their personalities, give them vices, and make them believable. This is only part of the process.
  2. He’s a gay bougie-ass rich boy. They’re herbal cigarettes. He wouldn’t want his expensive wardrobe to be all stank. Come on, now.
Chibi versions of my characters from Fish & Chimps

And for pic two, it’s something that I’m putting together on marker paper, but I might need to cheat with some Staedler fineliners in order to colour in the tighter areas.

The past while has also seen a lot of Naruto sketching (primarily from the rescue Sasuke arc) and random sketches of friends, but I’m not ready to compile all of that madness yet.

Right, so I’m going to grab a bite (and maybe grab a smiiiiiiile … sorry, Cameo interlude [“Hangin’ Downtown”]) and finish up for the night. See you on Sunday!

The second logo for Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad

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