Hallmark Knows Moms β€” Why I’m Leaving Mother’s Day to the EXPERTS.

I see you out thereβ€”you’re just like me:Β horrible at Mother’s Day. This woman went to all the trouble to bring you into this world, and on theΒ one day each year to honour her, here you are shopping for a gift the week before Mother’s Day! (*Okay, two daysβ€”she had a birthday, too. **Okay, three daysβ€”you probably do Christmas or Hannukah or something, so hey.Β You get the point, right?)

And don’t forget:Β Mom probably knows youΒ better than you know yourself, so this isn’t some gift you can figure out at the last minute! She’ll thank you, but that’s one guilt trip justΒ waiting to happen somewhere down the line!

Which is why youβ€”and all non-planner typesΒ like meβ€”need help. We need someone skilled in all things Mother’s Day to guide our ways and help us get the gifts our Moms will love.

And so, enter Hallmark.

Hallmark Knows Moms β€” Why I'm Leaving Mother's Day to the EXPERTS. β€” Hallmark Wrapped Gift Display

Hallmark Canada invited me and some other content creators from the Toronto area to a Guy-Friendly Mother’s Day Wrapping Party hosted by Rick Campanelli, one of the nicest guys ever borne of Canada’s entertainment industry! In a showroom filled with greeting cards, gifts and wrapping paper, my mission was simpleβ€”to choose stellar Mother’s Day presents for the Moms in my life and wrap ’em upΒ well in advance of the 13th!

And it was excellent, too, because Hallmark knows MomsΒ far better than I do, with a selection of gifts that’d satisfy even the mostΒ discerning Mom in your life! Slippers, jewellery, handbags and moreβ€”Hallmark’s far more thanΒ just another greeting card store!

She Brought You Into This World β€” A Nice Gift is theΒ Least You Can Do.

Hallmark Knows Moms β€” Why I'm Leaving Mother's Day to the EXPERTS. β€” Hallmark Facts and FiguresAs the second-most popular day for gift-giving and theΒ third-largest for sending cards, Mother’s DayΒ isn’t a holiday to be takenΒ lightly. If you’re out there looking for the perfect gift and the supplies to beautifully wrap it, think of Hallmark as your one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to make this Mother’s Day special!

And heyβ€”if someone’s willing to feed you pizza and beer while you do it, then all the better, right?

Good luck with your Mother’s Day shopping, and until the next, I remain,

–case p.

Disclaimer: As mentioned in the post, Hallmark Canada invited me out to see their Mother’s Day collection and take gifts home for the mothers in my life. You’dΒ think spending time wrapping gifts would make for a dull night, but you’d beΒ very wrong!

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