The Hamilton Beach Sound Shield 950 — The Perfect Blend to My Cooking Conventions! (Featured Image)

The Hamilton Beach Sound Shield 950 Blender

The Perfect Blend to My Cooking Conventions!

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Last updated on February 6th, 2024 at 01:34 pm

People often underestimate just how much of a difference a robust set of culinary skills can make in your life! As one who routinely goes out for lunch every day, eating the same ol’ same ol’ gets tiring pretty quickly—you shouldn’t let your neighbourhood dictate what food winds up on your plate, and that’s precisely what happens if you refuse to cook for yourself!

And that’s my problem—after realising how limited I was as a cook when working for my Dad and how inefficient I am when compared to Sarah, my motivation for cooking was… minimal.

But I’m not a teenager cooking chicken for the masses anymore. And I’m certainly not the same man as Casey the bachelor a decade ago. As I grew older, my palate grew along with me, and the simple fare that once did the trick just didn’t cut it anymore. A quick slice at Pizzaiolo made way for authentic wood-fired Neapolitan-style pies. Chipotle burritos replaced by the authentic Mexican fare at a local joint. My renewed interest in ingredients meant my takeout tastes couldn’t keep up… it was time I returned to the kitchen!

But you come to learn that great cooking requires some great tools, which makes it great that Hamilton Beach is backing me up with the appliances that’ll help me take my skills to the next level!

Hamilton Beach and Me: This Delicious Food Isn’t Going to Make Itself!

So yes—I’ve joined up as a Hamilton Beach Ambassador, which means I’ll be posting throughout the year about the awesome things they have to offer to get your culinary game on point. They’ve got tools and appliances to complement just about any culinary style, so I hope you’re good and ready to get in your kitchens and experiment—things are about to get tasty!

The Hamilton Beach Sound Shield950, aka My Secret Weapon to Get Veggies in My Children’s Bellies!

We start our journey with the Hamilton Beach Sound Shield950, a blender taking advantage of its Quiet Blend technology and a two-piece sound shield to give 950 watts of blending power in a quiet little package!

Believe it or not, the Palmer fam’s somehow managed this long without a blender! Despite it being a staple appliance in my parents’ home while I grew up, we got by with the stand mixer and immersion blender we got as wedding gifts. But as we experimented with different fruits and veggies around the house to see what kind of smoothies they’d make, our boys loved them! And it’s easy to clean, too—the 52-ounce glass MultiBlend jar’s dishwasher-safe and the blender easily comes apart to get any spot that’s out of reach. With five speeds, three programs and a pulse function, it’ll handle just about anything you throw at it—including crushing ice, with strong stainless steel blades to make it happen!

In all, it’s been a welcome addition to our kitchen, getting more fruits and veggies in our kids than ever.

Thanks, Hamilton Beach!

This is Only the Beginning….

You don’t know what you don’t know, and expanding my horizons in the kitchen gave me a much-needed change!

The Sound Shield950 is but the tip of the iceberg with its smoothies, sauces, tapenades and more—hopefully, this post inspires you to get your cook on!

Next up—sous vide and the fact you didn’t know your food could be so delicious.

Until the next,

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Disclaimer: I wrote this piece as a Hamilton Beach Ambassador, a program that’s getting me back in the kitchen to beef up my adulting skills like a real Dad. Let’s get it!


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