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Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 10:49 pm

After five days of talking priorities and prioritization, I figure that I should give you guys a break. There’s more to the world than trying to schedule things in so that they get done. Let’s talk about something fun—like having fun! There’s no rhyme or reason about the best way to go about it; everyone’s going to have a very different and very individual approach. But it’s so important to make sure that you mix some fun in your life!

Life is boring.

Life is frustrating.

For many across the world, life is unfair.

But the medicine for these symptoms is how you approach life and what it sends in your direction! Sarah often tells me of tales about when she did work in Malawi, and despite there being less material possessions than what we might be used to here in Toronto, there was a genuine love for life and happiness that resonated there. So let me tell you about what I get up to for fun—you might think it’s boring as all heck, but that’s the point; you’re not me 😊

  • Sketching up a storm
  • Sports, namely dodgeball and ultimate frisbee
  • Jamming on my Wii (but only the fun games—my gaming days are running out!)
  • Joking around
  • Board games
  • Learning new skills
  • Dancing to my tunes on the subway (because on top of the fact that I don’t care what strangers think about it, it’s equally likely that they just don’t care)
  • Interact with all sorts of people online

Ha, I think that’s most of my life summed up in a few bullet points right there! So find what you love to do with your time and do it! When’s a better time than now?

I can answer that: Never. Hence the phrase “Now or Never”. Get crackin’!

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