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Last updated on January 29th, 2024 at 12:14 am

Oh god, am I ever tired. It was a long weekend, and I didn’t sleep AMAZINGLY last night, so I’m a slight wreck this morning. So here I sit typing away with a blank look on my face as my brain tries to register what the heck is going on. This weekend involved a wedding, slumming around, and just lots of itty-bitty details that make up my life. Allow me to let you take a trip into the mind of a crazy person 😊


So after some massive maintenance over the weekend, I managed to cut down the number of unrated items to 4748 from 6400, as well as delete many of the unneeded tracks (which were marked with a single *). I’ve been idly working away at it, at work, when travelling, things like that. It’s moving at a good pace. After that, I’ll get back to putting my album art collection together, and then wrap it up by getting lyrics for the remaining songs. Then my iPod should be PERFECT.


932 friends and growing. I’d hold a 1000 Friends party, but just because I’m nearing 1000 friends on Facebook, does it mean I necessarily want to party with all of them? Anyway, yeah—I’ve got to start using my networking tools more effectively. There’s so much potential to do things out there in the online world, and I’m not using it. I gotta get on that, f’real. I guess the first step will be updating my contact info on the good ol’ website so that people have a better idea of what I’m all about.

(124 songs rated today so far.)


So I’ve been listening to this dude signed by Lupe Fiasco named Gemini, courtesy of kanino. He’s pretty ill. In fact, so ill that I heard 5 seconds of one of his songs, and it’s been stuck in my head since. I sent him a message on MySpace to find out what it is, but I’m not particularly expecting a response anytime soon. I do hope I eventually get one, though—I hate it when music haunts me.


The only good thing about Mondays is that it’s when Threadless releases new designs and reprints old ones. Which means I have a chance to order a replacement shirt. In due time, friends, in due time.


What do you do when you have a good friend who might be a really good person but is a complete dolt? Sometimes I feel like some of the company I keep around these parts is dragging me down. I was considering joining MENSA for a bit to get my brain up and running again, but I think I need something more practical. I don’t know—any suggestions for good places to meet people, one and all? Ha ha, might not be far away!


Still going a bit slow. Had a bit of a chat with the boss lady earlier, but here I sit, working on an LJ entry, the ex’s financial plan (yeah, she’s still around), organizing the iPod, sippin on copious amounts of filtered water, and reading Fables: Sons of Empire. Good series. This is volume 9. I got my employee number in the mail Friday, though, so I’m going to start applying for courses and whatnot. Get myself more involved. Got a Black OPSers (Ontario Public Service) meeting tonight, though I’m already pretty tired as is. We’ll see how all goes.


Random question: Anyone know how to get a hard caked-on stain (it’s small—looks like it could be gum or something) off of a sweatshirt without damaging the shirt itself? (It’s from Mexx!)


So yes, Emilia married her fiancé Steve on Saturday, before a crowd of maybe 200-300 people, and the wedding was good! Funny Catholic priest, getting on in his years—kept the mood light-hearted. The reception’s where things got crazy. Not only was our DJ AWESOME (he only works through word-of-mouth referral, and has been in business for NUMEROUS years), it was an open bar, and people were coming at me with a vengeance! I guess that’s what I get for being the bartender at their stag-and-doe a month ago. But we partied from 5:30—1:00, everyone got sloshed as hell, and I passed out promptly after we’d gotten back to the Valhalla Inn. The next day, we had to hit up brunch at Emilia’s parents, but no one ate much with so much liquor still in our stomachs. But yeah, I’m happy that it went so well but sad that now it’s set the bar for the rest of the crew. Damn it, StEmilia, why you guys gotta be so loveable?!

(158 songs. 2:51 PM. Days go by quicker when you force yourself to keep busy.)


Maybe I’ll start up a photoblog. I’ve always wanted to improve my photo-taking ability so that I can earn my way up to a digital SLR, but I don’t practice nearly enough. Maybe I’ll ask people to give me an assignment per week or something and see how I stack up against them. That would get me taking a lot more photos for sure, seeing as how competitive I can tend to get at times.

(218 songs. It’s been a slow day at work.)


Oh god, am I ever bored. (See how the entry comes full circle? I’m a literary genius, I swear.) I’m already 70 pages through Fable—I’ve been sneaking reads whenever I could get away with it. But man, my brain’s Jell-O now. I wish I had something interesting to go home and do. Can’t wait till my first FULL paycheque comes in. Or when I get my Macbook in October. Or when I start my harem. But you didn’t hear it from me 😉

Alright, later y’all.

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