Hey everyone (REMIX)!

Last updated on April 21st, 2021 at 10:44 am

PART ONE: I do have a few things to upload today, to be honest, but I’m busy doing a few other things at the moment, so I’ll upload in a few hours. More details then!

EDIT: Alright everyone, sorry for the delay there. I was doing a few things:

  • Downloading a plethora of video game soundtracks from a site that a friend directed me to: Galbadia Hotel (they have video game art books and commercials hosted there as well—it’s wicked)
  • Doing my taxes (not getting as much back as I hoped, but hey, it’ll help pay a few things off)
  • Watching the new episode of Black Cat (not the greatest anime out there, by far, but it helps pass the time on Mondays)
  • Working on a proposal that was due yesterday for class (literally, as it’s now 1:24 am when I’m typing this up)

I’d say all in all it’s been a pretty productive night, but that’s not what you’re here for, is it? No, you’re here for the art. Right. The art.

Well, today brings us a few pieces to bat.

1) The coloured version of the song-related theme day—I used marker paper for the base, Prismacolor markers for the background, and coloured pencil for Doomz in the foreground. Hence the lack of shading on Doomz, as I was to discover that coloured pencils and marker paper simply do not mix very well. Trial and error, my friends. Trial and error.

2) Of course, what would a sketchblog post from Doomz be without random-ass sketches? I explained what each one is in the image itself, so hopefully, all is clear.

Right. So I have that proposal to finish, some stuff for work to study a bit more, eight more albums to download, and it don’t look like I’m sleepin’ tonight!!!

Have a good one, crazy folk!

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Casey lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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