How Swiffer Helps with the Hot Mess of Parenting

Saying -Yes- to the Mess — How Swiffer Helps with the Hot Mess of Parenting (Featured Image)

As the dad to two rapidly growing boys, I can tell you it doesn’t take long for your well-manicured home to look like every kid from the block’s been through it with toys everywhere the eye can see, dust congregating under the furniture, and nary a refuge left from the chaos with a toddler who will find ways to get into everything imaginable, no matter how many lessons you try to teach or stern warnings you give.

But it’s through all this chaos—perhaps as a necessary evil—that we see our son develop and understand his environment in ways he’d never interacted with it before. He wants to help sweep the floors. Make the bed. Beat the eggs. Wash the dishes. He’s beginning to realize that yes, there’s a time for play, but that ultimately he’ll be responsible for cleaning up after his own messes, and it’s amazing to see him progress from a baby who needs constant care to a little boy who can start pulling some of his weight around the house.

And it’s through this transformation that the Palmer family can start saying yes to the mess.

Saying "Yes" to the Mess—How Swiffer Helps with the Hot Mess of Parenting—The Messy Nursery

Perhaps we—as a society—have grown a little too particular about how we keep our homes and the people and things within them. Though I know that even Sarah and I have fundamental differences in how we keep up the home and the chores we consider priorities, I know that I’ve come to appreciate why striving to keep the home in order is a great mindset—even if our toddler doesn’t see it the same way.

How do you teach a 2-year old logic? Cause and effect? That there’s a place for everything and that everything goes in its place? With a little over 28 months under his belt, there’s little in our 1000-square foot bungalow that Little Man won’t get into, and the battle to teach boundaries and cleanliness is one slowly fought, some days feeling like the home will stay in a state of physical turmoil forevermore.

But there’s something to be said for routine and repeatable actions—as of late, after he’s played enough, he’s started cleaning up after himself. He knows which toys belong in which container, learning to put things away in the sets where they belong so everything will be there the next time he wants to play with them!

Saying "Yes" to the Mess—How Swiffer Helps with the Hot Mess of Parenting—Little Man Loves to Clean with Swiffer

And it’s not limited to his playthings—maybe it’s through seeing both parents take active roles in domestic duties like scrubbing the floors after dinner or doing the laundry several times a week, but it’s clear he doesn’t want to be left out from the action, looking to help with household tasks whenever we’ll let him!

Which makes it amazing that Swiffer’s products are so easy to use—even for the toddler who may see dusting as a fun-filled activity, completely unaware that all the while we’re merely grooming him to become a well-adjusted adult who knows how to maintain a home when his turn comes.

But let’s get back to the point.

Saying "Yes" to the Mess—How Swiffer Helps with the Hot Mess of Parenting—Swiffer Products to the Rescue!

We say “Yes to the Mess” in Casa de Palmer because we—like 70% of parents*—feel that letting kids make a mess encourages their creativity. And like 97% of parents*, we think our kids will learn even more from cleaning up a mess. And though I’ll deny my son’s outlandish requests many a time because of the mess it’d end up making (not unlike the 68% of parents* who’d do the same), you’d better believe I’ve long since learned to keep a bevy of Swiffer products in places that’re easy to reach when the inevitable mayhem rears its ugly head!

Saying Yes to the Mess with Swiffer—How You Let Kids be Kids and Learn to Live With It.

Saying "Yes" to the Mess—How Swiffer Helps with the Hot Mess of Parenting—The Messy Play Kitchen

As our kids grow up, I’m pretty sure saying Yes to the Mess will be a regular occurrence—from a three-boy family myself, I’m plenty experienced in the hijinks that my sons will get into, and you better believe I’m glad that I’m raising kids in an age where technology makes it possible to still keep a positive lifestyle despite the sheer volume of things on my plate. The Mess will find its way to your home one way or another—it’s best that you find ways to say yes to it now and learn to deal with it as a regular part of your life, not trap yourself in some idealized fantasy land where things stay tidy forever.

In any case, Swiffer’s got your back. Swiffer will be there to help in those moments when you look around, thinking there’s no possible way you can clean everything up. Swiffer will be there when you’re short on time with company coming over, trying hard to make it look like you don’t spend all your time living like a total slob, having gone three weeks already without even touching your laundry hamper. But most of all, Swiffer’s there to be as flexible as you require, handling the spills, the smears and the dust you’ve given not-so-temporary residence in those hard-to-reach places.

If you’ve yet to say Yes to the Mess, consider giving it a second thought, because at the very least, there’s a brand out there that can help you make the most of it.

May you become the master of your messes and not their slave!

Until the next, I remain —

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*According to the Second Annual Swiffer Cleaning Index

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post as a member of Swiffer’s Swiffer Fanatics, a collective of content creators who share the Swiffer Effect with others through blogs, videos, and in-person activities to show people how to get the most out of their clean!

By Casey E. Palmer

Husband. Father. Storyteller. Calling the Great White North his home, Casey Palmer the Canadian Dad spend his free time in pursuit of the greatest content possible. Thousand-word blog posts? Snapshots from life? Sketches and podcasts and more—he's more than just a dad blogger; he's working to change what's expected of the parenting creators of the world. It's about so much more than just our kids. When Casey's not creating, he's busy parenting, adventuring, trying to be a good husband and making the most of his life! Casey lives in Toronto, Ontario.


  1. Of course we do, how boring would childhood be if kids had to sit in a chair, and never mess anything up! 5 minutes after we get home, looks like a toy bomb hit the place. 😉

  2. I embrace it because the kids are only young once….enjoy them instead of being obsessed with cleaning! 🙂

  3. My hubby does some gardening and he is always bringing in dirty footprints and I say Yes to the Mess with my Wetjet Swiffer.

  4. I am a neat freak! lol I do embrace a mess when the kids are having fun. Otherwise its clean free. lol

  5. My little dog leaves lots of muddy paw prints, I could use these Swiffer cleaners to clean up the mess.

  6. I say yes to the mess because that is what having fun is all about. The mess can always be cleaned up, we just make a point of cleaning up one mess before moving onto the next.

  7. I just go with it. With 5 kids, there are always toys and crayons and crumbs on the floor and it no longer bothers me. I clean up, but I don’t stress over it because as soon as I clean someone is going to throw their cookie crumbs on the floor.

  8. I lived quite regimented life as I served in the military for 25 years, now that I am retired I am more relaxed and know I can get it later, I enjoy being in the moment watching my grandkids having so much fun!

  9. Let’s just face it, if you have kids then you also have a mess. Kids need to let their imagination run free and you can’t be ‘tidy’ whilst doing that. Let them have fun whilst they are still young, life gets much more serious for them later.

  10. I would say yes to the mess because its my place and ill clean later if i want to! lol

  11. I embrace it because the kids are only small for a short time and I think it’s best to spend the time with them awake and clean a lot when they sleep lol

  12. How do I embarrass the mess is I start in one room and just go from one room to the next until it is totally finished.

  13. well I have no small kids so my biggest mess would be the clutter on my dining room table I can never keep it clean, when I clean I have planned days for certain rooms this way its not to overwhelming all at once

  14. I say yes to the mess when I see toddler’s fingerprints on my TV screen,
    windows and walls or chocolate cookie crumbs and food remnants on my floors.
    They remind me of the fabulous time
    I am having with my precious babies.

  15. I say “yes to the mess” by just turning my favourite tunes on, grabbing some bins to tidy up then swiffer away! The swiffer makes cleaning up so much easier!

  16. Embracing a mess is tough for me, but with three little girls, twins aged 5 and a 4 year old, it’s a part of life! I would say I embrace the mess by hiding it- closets, the basement and the garage are pretty bad! That’s about it though, the rest of the house is kept pretty tidy, mostly because the chaos has to end somewhere for me, and keeping things clean is it!

  17. I normally like to keep my home neat and tidy, but when our grandson comes to visit I say yes to the mess and then clean it up after he leaves!

  18. I am the same shoes as u. My toddler is just learning to pick up his toys. He does love to use our swifter. .. to the point where he broke it. Now to use own swifter we have to get on our knees. Lol time for a new one

  19. I say Yes to the Mess because who has time to waste – I’d rather spend the precious after work time I have with my kiddoes having fun than running behind them fretting about the messes. We love our Sweep & Vac, especially since Baby M is terrified of the big vacuum but will actually chase the Sweep & Vac and try to use it when I’m done with it – we use it several times a day.

    1. Your kid’s freaked out by the vacuum, too??? Little Man can’t stand it — and I can’t stand picking things up by hand when the Dyson would be a welcome approach instead ????

      Good luck, amiga!

      1. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the pitch, she had the exact same reaction to the hand mixer recently, and they both have a higher pitched whine to them. The Swiffer is a lower tone and she doesn’t mind it at all. And my hair dryer is in between and she cranks if I run it, but not the same sheer panic. Julia hated the vacuum until she was probably 7, I guess the ears mature at some point since it hardly bothers her now.

        1. Yup—I have this conversation with my coworker sometimes, that the human ear loses its frequency range over time, so tones on the extreme ends become far less audible, and I suppose, less irritating as we age.

          Makes me wonder what my favourite songs would sound like were I decades younger ????

  20. I always embrace the mess because most of the time is mess left by my girls. I consider it a little present from them at their young age hahaha. I turn on the music and giver. I actually enjoy to clean…yes I said it

  21. I do not like a mess at all. BUT there are times when you just have to let the kids make a mess and clean it up later

  22. I sy yes to the mess , with 6 kids and a 2 year old granddaughter , my house is always in some kinda mess , but i do try to keep it clean about 10 times a day lol

  23. We have a 2 and a half year old….messes are a daily occurrence in our lives and you just got to accept them!

  24. I say yes to the mess. I would rather play with my children and let them enjoy themselves than worry about the mess.

    1. LOL, thanks Angelique — I’ll admit, I’m not entirely convinced, but you would know far better than I on this, so I’m willing to go with it ????

      I spent the better part of the day cleaning up after the hurricane the 2 1/2-year old had unleashed in the house, but hey. Little ones.

  25. I love it whe my daughter has her friends over for movie or game nights. I don`t even mind the mess or the prep. of the food. I love having them around even at 13. i know it won`t be for much longer. BOOOHOOO.

  26. I #SayYesToTheMess by doing little bits when I have free time, and not stressing about them. Life is too short.

  27. My motto is say yes to them mess. I enjoy spending time with my family when they are around.

  28. I don’t exactly embrace them, as I am disabled and climb up or reach down to the floor.

  29. I’m a neat and organized freak. I’m always going around cleaning after people. I think if I don’t I will be cleaning for days then

  30. I say Yes to the Mess by letting the kids explore and play. Letting them do things ‘hands on’ makes it all that more creative and educational for them.

  31. When my kids were young, I embraced the mess. A messy house usually meant a happy house. Sofa cushions as forts, toys across the floor, crayons across the table. Yep. But it doesn’t last forever was my motto.

  32. I say yes to the mess , we have kids,step grandkids… and pets not to mention my husband..lots of mess but it is all part of life and memories! Right now time to live, have fun and make day the house will be quiet and lots of time to worry about the mess…

  33. With 3 young kids I have to say yes to the mess!! Some days no matter how hard I try to keep ahead it is a losing battle 🙁

    1. I had 4 kids and a large dog so keeping up was sometimes a challenge, then I decided to follow a motto from my Mom, I posted a sign “If you are coming to see us come in, if you are coming to see the house, call for an appointment!”

  34. I say yes to the mess. When the kids are here I let them mess it up as much as they want. We just all clean it up together at the end of the day.

  35. I have 4 children and a 120lb dog.. I fought the mess for the first two children, and after that I accept my home as being “live in” lol. All visitors are required to give me 48 hours notice, and you’d never know I have one child in the house.. the rest of the time my home looks like a daycare. I accept that it won’t be this way forever.

  36. Sometimes it drives me crazy, but then I stop and chill. It’s much easier to do small amounts then to have one clean up day. I find I get more done and less stress.

  37. Sometimes but my better half usually says yes to the mess. What would I do without him lol.

  38. I say yes to the mess when the kids are over. Life is too short to stress about the mess!

  39. We make cleaning fun by putting on music while cleaning which includes some wiggles and vocals. haha Cleaning can be fun.

  40. We say yes to the mess because everyone helps clean up when the fun is over so it’s a quick, easy job to clean up.

  41. I say yes to the mess because we can have a perfectly clean house when the kids are grown, but they only have one childhood- let them enjoy it, be creative, and grow into their unique selves.

  42. I have to admit that saying “yes to the mess” was a harder transition for me than anticipated however I’ve grown to love and embrace it. With one little guy under 2 and another making his big debut any day now I’ve learned not to sweat the mess. It’s worth all the giggles and smiles that come from interacting and developing. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway and review! Good luck all!

  43. I say yes to the mess , after the dogs come in with muddy paws and track it all through , and when my grand kids come over and spill stuff lol , i love my Grand kids and fur babies , no matter what 🙂

  44. I embraces messes happen . Just clean then up as they happen . Make it a team effort to get it clean

  45. With 4 kids, 3 cats, a dog and 2 bunnies there are alot of messes everyday! but i usually just clean them up one at a time and most times get the kids to help out too.

  46. I have no choice in the say yes to the mess debate because with 2 large dogs shedding their body all over the house, whether I say yes or no the mess is right there in plain sight….tumbleweed madness!!

  47. I will say yes to the mess buy not sweating the mess – just grab a swiffer product and its easy peasy!

  48. I always use swiffer products so it’s easy to say yes to the mess. easy cleanup!

  49. With four kids, a pug who sheds like crazy, two long-haired cats and a hubby who often forgets to leave his boots at the door, saying yes to the mess is sort of inevitable in my life!

  50. Having the neighborhood girls come over for some arts & craft is always fun. We play a game out of it

  51. Life can get messy so I try not to stress too much. I currently use a mop and bucket. I would LOVE a Swiffer WetJet to make clean up a snap. Thanks for the chance.

  52. I have a toddler and a baby. I tidy up every day, but within minutes the house is in disarray again. So my house may not be the neatest, but at least my girls are having fun.

  53. I say Yes to this mess everyday. I will clean when all the children are in bed. Life would be boring without the mess

  54. we allow shoes in the house and heck we have cats, kitty litter and we live to have fun .. we can alwats clean up

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