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Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 03:33 pm

You can’t be in two places at once. (Unless you’re Jamie Madrox—the Multiple Man from Marvel Comics; yes, I’m a part-geek and I love it!) I’m fortunate to live in such a large and diverse city—on any given night, I often can choose one of a few plans of what to do.

Sometimes they’re mandatory or obligatory—family, close friends and the wedding always come first—and sometimes it’s just figuring out which party I want to show my face at that night.

Even so, though it might be fun, there’s a rule or two that must be followed in order to make sure one can juggle events without pissing anybody off.


Thursday night was definitely not one of my better-prepared nights.

Knowing that I’d be attending a couple of parties, I made a couple of mistakes that were definitely of the rookie variety:

  • Packed too much stuff—between a laptop bag, side bag and an umbrella (for the rain that never came), I didn’t make it very easy for me to get from place to place, though I was prepared for just about anything that came my way
  • I didn’t charge my BlackBerry—I’d charged it the night before, but I need to remember how OFTEN I use my Berry; I knew I’d be in trouble by the time I hit karaoke and my battery meter was in the red. Lesson of the day—don’t go to a tweetup (Twitter meetup) without a device to tweet on. That’s just foolish. Apologies to those I didn’t get a chance to hit up until I got home.


When you’re trying to hit up multiple events in a night, do yourself a favour. Don’t try to schedule out how long you’ll be at each event—very few people have the discipline to make it work!

I was at work 75 minutes later that I thought I’d be. Then, I was at a going-away/karaoke party two hours later than I thought I’d be. By the time I got to #JapanQuakeTO, I was hoarse in voice and couldn’t see who the heck was around, as the party was already in full swing.


Even so, we’re not perfect being (and nor should we want to be—life would be quite boring if that were the case). We’ll make mistakes, and when they DO happen, we just need to be ready to keep going with the flow and move on to the next thing.

All that aside, I had a decent Thursday as a party-hopper. Did okay at work; saw a friend off into a new career step and made friends with HER friends; and as for #JapanQuakeTO…

  • cool to see some of the usual suspects—especially Justin, supplier of cupcakes; and Jayme, fun dancing buddy who’ll be looking for a job in the finance sector, so hire her. IMMEDIATELY.
  • they were tattooing people on-site while the party was going on. KINDA NUTS!!! (In a crazy, insane, good-ish way?)
  • took some awesome photos in the professional photo area—I look forward to seeing them on the weekend!

Good cause, good times.

So don’t be a me. Pack light. Charge your phone before heading out for the night. But I definitely took my own advice of taking it in stride, and in the end, I shrugged it off and had a good rest, preparing for another day ahead.

Which, coincidentally, is something I’ll be writing about tomorrow!

See you then,

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