How’s life, Casey? Oh, you know, same Stuff, different entry.

Rating the last 341 songs in your collection (well, I wouldn’t say the last—the number of songs I have is constantly fluctuating, especially with being a member of both and (thanks to Jon on the first and Aliya on the second) is a bit like trying to sip the last of your fruit punch while avoiding the dregs at the bottom. I’m finding a few good tunes that I’ve never heard before, but in general, the majority of these are 3-star for the time being. Since I’m not TOO into anything that’s left (as far as I know), I’m putting the end of today as a goal to getting this phase done. Too bad I unearthed a list of another 200 songs I’m apparently supposed to acquire >.>

It’s really quiet in my unit right now. Between job shadowing, meetings, and whatever else, everybody’s off doing something. I could’ve sworn I just passed out for 10 minutes or so. Ugh. Maybe one day I’ll have peace of mind and be able to stop staying up working on these little projects I create for myself. My mentor’s off for the week, so she has everything that’s on her plate forwarding to me, and I have no idea of what to do with any of the stuff coming in my direction! It’s going to be an interesting week…. (But one thing I can say for sure is that I’m VERY quickly learning a lot with all these questions I’ve never seen before!)

Looks like I’m still hitting up Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio this weekend—”The Roller Coaster Capital of the World”! This had better be freaking ill. I wanna have an accident in my pants from the sheer terror! Well, not really. But you know what I mean. I hope. Expect lots of pictures!

(135 to go! I’m getting all tingly inside! …I think it’s because I have to go to the little boys’ room. *goes*)
I mean, seriously? Kelly ROWLAND? Why’d I even DOWNLOAD this?

One thing that’s been tough about getting art done has been inking and colouring online. With sketching and pencilling, I can get that done pretty much anywhere. On the bus, at lunch, wherever. But with inking? Computer colouring? I barely find the time to ever sit still and just do it. I get too distracted! I am my own artistic undoing! That bites.

Overslept on the train home, missed my stop. Only had to bus it back and got home five minutes later than I woulda, anyway. I ain’t hatin. Walked in the rain. Had a sweatshirt on, so it was fine. Yes. I’m gangsta. GANGSTA!

Man—life’s different when you cut yourself off from all the chatting and whatnot online and decide to pursue other things. I’m getting really bored really quickly instead of idling several hours away on this thing. That’s a good thing, right?

Anyway, y’all, I got things to work on.


–case p.

EDIT: P.S., 62 songs left. What what!

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