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I’ve heard it said that driving a car is easy—it’s just everybody else on the road that you need to worry about!

Drive Your Way to Delight at!—Little Man Behind the Wheel of a Bus

In the three years I’ve driven so far (because once you’ve hit 30, it’s time to start taking adulting seriously), I’ve seen some things. I’ve learned to wish ill upon those who do sudden lane changes with nary an indication, clearly believing their claim to the road stronger than anyone else around them. I’ve learned that even though the streets are crawling with police who’re more than ready to levy hefty fines for distracted driving, there’re still far too many who take the law as a suggestion and not an iron-clad rule, giving us more traffic accidents than one might expect. Though I keep learning things about the ever-shifting rules of the road every time I find myself behind the wheel, I consistently find there’s one thing I’m thankful for above all else—good auto insurance.

Getting the Right Auto Insurance, or, “Why I Don’t Ask My Banker to do my Acupuncture or My Butcher to Landscape My Yard.”

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We often take our auto insurance for granted, thinking it something we grab on a whim after buying a car. We don’t get into the weeds of our decision—how much the deductibles are, what our policies cover… we too often choose fairly blindly, relying on inexpert advice from our family and friends to choose the safeguards we’ll rely on when things go south.

But just as I wouldn’t ask my accountant father to take a look in my mouth if I get a sudden toothache, why get insurance advice from people poorly suited to the task when services exist that’re designed to best suit your needs?

isure’s a company precisely fitting that description, an Ontario insurance brokerage that’s focused on getting their clients exactly what they need to live lives as stress-free as they’re supposed to be.

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In a country where the weather can change more often than we do our underwear (which I hope is at least daily for y’all out there), there’s plenty to consider when your rubber hits the road. Are you willing to pay more upfront to get more from your insurance when you might need it, or are you looking for accident forgiveness that unfortunate first time things go awry? Or maybe you’re a young driver whose demographic belies just how safe a driver you are, and you’d actually benefit from giving your insurance company more information about your driving habits to lower your rates.

There’s no such thing as “simple” insurance at all.

Which is exactly why isure helps their clients navigate through their insurance policies to avoid potential pitfalls. They write blog posts on ways to save money when choosing an insurance policy. They broker deals with and run comparisons against more than 25 different insurance providers, to make sure their clients get what they need. It’s always the fine print that gets us, so why not have someone in your corner who’ll hold the magnifying glass, making sure you won’t regret it later once you’ve signed on the dotted line?

I guess that’s just my long way of saying: If you don’t know your way around auto insurance, go get someone who does. You can even visit their site to get a free auto insurance quote online, comparing rates to give you the best premiums for what you need!

isure: Making Auto Insurance WAY Easier. The Rest is Up to YOU.

Drive Your Way to Delight at!—Little Man Giving His Friend a Push in a Toy Car

It’s no news to many of us that life is hard. With the exception of the very fortunate, we spend our days trying to eke out a living, often grinding away in unforgiving jobs, never really getting ahead of the bills and taxes.

isure won’t solve all your woes, but taking control of the things meant to protect your future is a step in an excellent right direction!

Good luck to all who enter, and until the next, I remain,

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Disclaimer: I’ve partnered with isure to bring you content focused on insurance and the things you should know to keep on top of making the right decisions in your life, avoiding pitfalls that are easy to fall into if you don’t get the right guidance.

It’s indeed sponsored content, but I’m a huge advocate for covering your bases when it comes to protecting the lives of those who matter most to us, so for me it’s a perfect fit. I hope you’ll continue to check these posts out!

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I would like to know exactly what “change that has been made that I may no longer be covered for some items” means? and why they do not tell me what was changed or what might not be covered. I am supposed to guess?

It would be nice to understand when a deduction is needed and when it’s not. My car got hit when it was parked on the street, luckily we caught the person and it went through her insurance but I was told if I would have been sitting in the car it would be a different story. Not understanding the “what if’s”.

It’s all the fine print that throws me. Insurance policy should be more upfront and black-and-white. This is what you get for this premium, and this is your deductible. Period.

There’s so much about auto insurance that could be easier to understand! The biggest issue for me is knowing what is covered versus what isn’t, and how I can make my policy cheaper.

I don’t understand why your rate goes up if you have an accident. To me it is like I have to pay it back most of the cost of the accident and that is what insurance should be for.

I’d like to know if my vehicle is covered if I lend it to a friend or a family member over the age of 25? I mean someone not listed as a second driver but just an occasional, what if?

I’d like to understand the fine print and what important stuff we should know. I’d also like to know why your rates go up after a crash.

I wish the insurance companies could stop charging me extra money in order to cover the cost of people that get into accidents that don’t have insurance! Isn’t it illegal to drive without insurance? I’m a senior, have been paying for insurance every year for 45 years, had no tickets or accidents, yet I have to pay extra every year on insurance in order to receive accident forgiveness, just in case I’m in an accident? The insurance companies should be giving me a rebate for a perfect record!

The fine print and what we need to know would be something i would ask about

I would like to know ,if you are in an accident( that was not your fault) and you were hurt but not badly injured, or so you thought, but then a year later you have complications that arise, do they still care enough to cover you? I know a person that this happened to.They injured their back slightly and then the pain subsided and left so they told the insurance company they were fine.However, a year later that person’s back was in bad shape with spinal stenosis, and the doctor said it could have been brought on by trauma.However by then the insurance was asking for proof. So I agree the fine print is scary!…just saying.

I find insurance confusing because my rates never seem to drop even though I feel they should be. Insurance companies don’t really explain this to their customers.

The biggest issue for me is knowing what is covered versus what isn’t. I wish it would be clearer so you actually know for sure before there is a problem

I would like to understand the fine prints! I wish the policy where straight forwards.

I’d like to understand what is covered and what isn’t covered under different policies.

I would like to understand what I can do to lower premiums, I very seldom drive and my 11 year old car only has 60000 km on it

I’d like to know what I’m covered for when travelling in the states.

I wish I more clearly understood the exact coverage I have. Also, it would be nice to pay less since I’ve never been in an accident after 20 years of driving, yet they keep increasing my price.

I would like to understand which policy is best suited for my needs and is the best value.

It would be nice to understand the different policies and exactly what is covered, and how deductibles work etc

I wish that companies didn’t have “fine print” that excluded stuff!!! I just want to know what I am covered for!!

I wish I understood the fine print and what is included and what is not.. I would like to understand why some insurance companies do not cover RV’s (trailers).. How can the rates be so different across the board too! I just don’t understand..

The biggest issue for me with auto insurance is the ‘let’s be unclear as to what we really give you’. Items like new car replacement are not what they sound like.

I would love to understand how your insurance goes up if there is an accident.

I wish I understood exactly what my insurance covers. I’m confused by all the terminology.

I wish I understood more what if anything could be done to lower my premiums but keep great coverage. Insurance can be very confusing.

i would like to understand why different vehicles even if same year are so vastly different for insurance rates

I would like to know how they decide rates. I would love better understanding about the deductibles and comprehensives and how it works.

I’d like to understand why my rates keep going up despite 30+ years of driving with no claims.

I have an excellent broker who does a decent job of explaining my coverage options to me, but like everyone else, I’d love to understand ways to keep the premiums low!

Why do my rates continue to go up, I’ve had 30+ years with no accidents.

How the new changes to car insurance are going to impact my insurance.

there is a lot of fine print when signing up for auto insurance and seeing how most of its done over the phone or online, it’s hard to get all the details before signing up.

I would like to know when it is a good time to put a claim through, and when it is not, especially for smaller claims. Will replacing a windshield increase my premiums?

I wish I better understood which questions to ask to make sure that I have the most appropriate coverage that suits my needs.

I want to understand what I am covered for and exactly what happens if I need to use my coverage. Essentially the fine print in simple, everyday language.

I wish I understood all of the fine print! When I was in an accident 5 years ago I found out I had coverage I didn’t even know I had! It worked out well but I wish I knew everything that was included.

This is such a fitting post as my insurance papers are a sitting on my counter as a reminder to call around and get some quotes. I wish I understood WHY I pay twice as much because I moved to a different city! Just doubled! It’s too much. I’d also like to understand how there can be such a difference in quotes between companies.

I would like to know why my auto insurance goes up every year even though my car is getting older and my record is clean! So frustrating!

It would be nice if the policies were written in English as opposed to a language that only those in the insurance industry can understand. Am I covered? Not sure… I’m not even sure I’m on the right page of the policy.

I wish I knew why I pay so much when I have never made a claim and I have an old car!

Better understanding of what is covered and what isn’t.

I wish I knew how the rates were determined – why should it matter what YEAR my car is?

I wish they would tell you up front exactly what value/money would be given to replace a vehicle before an accident occurs.What would be a write off value,what would be repair value.Some companies need to realize that to purchase a replacement vehicle in the country/rural areas does in fact cost more than one in the city.Thanks 🙂

I’d like to know about what is or isn’t covered by my own auto insurance, when I rent a car. Do I really need insurance from the rentalship company?

Insurance is a complicated prospect in Canada; best thing to understand is the difference between online insurers, versus brokers, versus direct writers. Also, are all the online insurers customer service representative’s licensed (which means, do they have the minimal education to do inform the public about what they are buying because insurance is complicated).

I wish I understood the terminology — I feel like im reading a foreign language and have no idea what my policy is about or includes

I wish they would use simpler words to explain the details of all policies and the cost/limitations associated with it

I’d like to be sure I’m getting the best rate possible. They seem to vary greatly.

I would like to better understand third-party liability and collision coverage as there are so many little loopholes in the fine print it can be quite confusing at times. Plus how to get the best rates for a first time driver who is in her 30’s.

I wish I understood what is covered and not just a general collision. I want to know if someone hit my mirror and left, is that covered.

I’d like to better understand what is covered outside your province.

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