isure & Casey Palmer Present — Going for Broker- Why Working with Insurance Brokers is the Better Way to Go! (Featured Image)

isure & Casey Palmer Present: Going for Broker

Why Working with Insurance Brokers is the Better Way to Go!

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Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 02:28 am

Why would you trust your future to a number of drop-down boxes and a button that says “submit“?

In a world that too often sees us making decisions that are convenient rather than intelligent, for this month’s post with my partners at isure, we’re looking at what an insurance brokerage actually does, and why you should work with them.

Many of us think the same thing—”it’d never happen to me”.

More than once, I’ve seen families ruined by the beliefs that they didn’t need insurance—even when their jobs offered it at an affordable price point—or that they couldn’t get it: that insurance products are too expensive to put money into when cash is already so tight; that they’re too complicated for the common consumer to figure out which would be the right fit for them… we surround ourselves with so many untruths and misconceptions about insurance that it’s no wonder that so many of us find getting the right insurance for us so confusing!

Which makes one wonder why we’re so obsessed with figuring it all out ourselves.

isure Insurance Brokers: Helping You Find Insurance Solutions that’re Just as Unique as You Are!

Coming up on 33 years old, I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing myself, and with that, it means living with the knowledge that there’re only so many things I’m good at.

I can write you a good story. Or cobble up a mean Excel workbook. I’m not so bad at the Candy Crush Saga, don’t get nervous before a crowd, and if I can’t make you laugh, I’m definitely having an off day.

But I’m not about to reach in your mouth and pretend that I’m a dentist. If my pipes burst at home, fixing them myself is out of the question—for a job that size, I call a plumber; my very unhandy self would likely just make things worse. When you need a job done right, you call the professionals, and insurance is no exception.

An insurance broker is like having a personal head hunter for great coverage. After getting to know you, they approach insurance providers on your behalf, making sure you get the policies you need at a price that works for you. I mean, sure—you could go the route of direct insurance or using online quotes, but why sell yourself short? The older you get, the more you realize you’re not just like everyone else—why invest in services that’d treat you otherwise with one-size-fits-all web interfaces and standard questionnaire call centres?

It’s time to choose insurance that’s just as unique as you are.

For a decade now, isure’s prided themselves as a customer-focused property and casualty insurance provider, using a human-centred approach to helping their clients cover their homes, cars, recreational vehicles and businesses. They don’t do it half-heartedly, either—guaranteeing a 10-quote minimum when seeking out the best possible policies, they go to the distance in helping customers know exactly what they’re in for, knowing there’s no such thing as a bad question or a need too small… they’ll do whatever they can to help.

They know that we don’t live in an unchanging world, constantly seeking out new and innovative solutions to continually expand the services they offer, looking to keep at the forefront of the insurance industry to keep challenging the expectations for what your insurance provider can give you. Much like how you upgrade your phone to take advantage of the features the latest devices can give you, and refresh your wardrobe to stay abreast of the latest trends, it might be time to look at your insurance and make sure it’s what you need for the person you are today—not the one you were when you first got your policy! Whether you’re looking for better ways to insure that new family home, or auto insurance that really sees who you are as a driver, their unique approaches are worth giving a shot!

So there you have it—a gaggle of reasons why if you’re not working with an insurance broker already, it may be time to seek advice that comes with more of a human touch.

isure Insurance Brokers: Because You Are More than a Number.

If you’re not convinced by now about everything insurance brokers can do for you, worry not—it’s only the beginning! There’re still plenty of things that isure’s looking to do as they continue to raise the bar for their offerings, and the only thing you need to do? All you need to do is give them a chance!

But hopefully this post taught you at least a thing or two you didn’t already know, and if you do want to get to know isure and what they can do for you—help is but a click away!

Good luck to all who enter and take care of yourselves!

Until the next, I remain,

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Disclaimer: I’ve been compensated for this post—the latest in a series with isure to help consumers in Ontario discover the options available for their insurance needs! If you’re in the market for insurance solutions that’ll mesh with your world, whatever it is, you should drop them a line!


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