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Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything of any real concrete worth, so I figured since I’m bored out of my mind and not really motivated to get any real work done, I may as well take a shot at it now. In light of recent events and posts that I have seen on my friends list, I guess it’s due time I said something. So here goes.

Well, what to say. Hm. I realize the severity of the incidents that transpired in that movie, and the countless acts of a similar nature that have gone on for who knows how long, but I guess my perspective on things is of a different nature. I suppose this can be attributed to the fact that I’ve always found myself in an extremely multicultural society.

I won’t say that Canada as a whole is a very multicultural centre, but its urban centres, i.e. Toronto and the surrounding area, do prove to be so. So I grew up around people of all different ethnicities and cultures, so cross-culture dating was never looked down upon. Well, perhaps by our parents, but the children had been friends amongst themselves for far too long to let the parental influence get to them.

We have Asian rockers, Indian b-boys, Native ballet dancers, and just about any unexpected combination of things that you could imagine. So I guess the point I’m trying to get across is that for me, the entire issue of inter-racial dating is more of a non-issue.

Sure there are the people who strive hard to either live by the stereotypes, or to disclude the existence of other ethnicities, but up here, I find that, at least in my generation, these people find themselves becoming the minority. I guess it can be accredited to schools the manner of thinking we find ourselves with, which has a strong basis upon equality and humanity.

That’s my spiel on that.

And since I’m already talking about races anyway, I may as well add this:

I guess this part can be seen as a semi-continuation of that last train of thought. Well, where do I start? (Ok, I think I’m about to get a lot of controversy for this one.) Blame the media. Blame the law. But honestly, if equality is something people want to strive for, they’ve got to work for it.

This is probably an effect of the time I spent in Harlem with some cousins a while back. I mean, some of the things out there are just messed up. I think the entire North American Black populace needs to rise up. The greatest enemy of the Black man, is, unfortunately, the Black man.

Anyone can kvetch about disrespect, or how the law is holding them down, but I even see it in my own home, with the brothers I work hard to make sure they do well in school. One’s focusing more on his looks and girls than his work, and the other’s more into “the hustle” than focusing on his marks to get into university next year. *sigh*

So I guess what I’m saying on this one, is that in order to become respected, Black peoples gotta get working to stop the downward spiral that seems to be going on. I have ten suggestions that may come in handy.

Doomz’s Ten Suggestions to Uplift

  1. Go to school! To get a college diploma or university degree, all you have to do is pass your classes.
  2. Stop killing each other. Hell, stop killing anyone!
  3. Stop screwing around without protection.
  4. Stop the drugs—that means selling and doing.
  5. Stop being violent like it’s something cool to do.
  6. And if you go to school, attend your classes!
  7. If your mom or pops treated you wrong, strive to do different.
  8. Racism will always exist because stupidity is a human trait, but don’t let it limit you.
  9. Stereotypes only exist because there are people who adhere to them.
  10. Don’t hate—learn.

And don’t worry, I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s a mentality I see a lot of Black youth adopting, and yeah, it saddens me a lot. Many of them have potential that they do not tap, because they conform to their surroundings, or because it’s simply “uncool”. Sickening, I tell you 😕

And I’m tired of the hate. I mean, sure I’m guilty of hating on certain artists and their music, because I think it sucks or that they’ve sold out to the masses, but you gotta admit—at least they’re getting paid. Now, I don’t agree with the lifestyles they lead in various cases, but they have usually managed to make their way out of the ghettos and into whatever place suits their tastes.

The only problem is that they don’t give back 😐

But perhaps it’s all under the scope of Adam Smith’s theory of the “invisible hand”:

“Do what is good for you, and it will be good for everyone else.

…or perhaps not.

Well, one of my resolutions for 2003 was to make sure that I tried some new things. So, I was in a couple of bookstores today (the Square One Chapters and the York University Bookstore, namely) and I made a few purchases. They are:

  • Youtime: Canada’s Urban Magazine—Summer 2002 Issue
  • Time Magazine—December 30, 2002/January 6, 2003 Issue—Persons of the Year
  • Elemental Magazine—December 2002 Issue
  • High Score!: the illustrated history of electronic games

*sigh* I need to learn to read what I already have so that I can gain more knowledge. But is all the knowledge what’s holding me back from happiness? I wonder.

Anyway, enough depressing crap. I have website layouts and homework to work on. Peace y’all, and don’t kill me too badly.

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