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Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 09:10 pm

Dear Everybody,

My swollen finger has upgraded itself to a finger infection. This is particularly crappy for a few reasons:

  1. It’s my typing finger (yes, I type with my two index fingers and use my thumbs for the spacebar—not only do I type at 70 wpm with 90% accuracy, I’m 60% more efficient at typing than you “whole-hand” typists); I currently have switched to the middle finger on my left hand to compensate
  2. It hurts like heck (which is draining, distracts my attention from the rest of my life, and Sarah bumped into it twice today, and let me tell ya—OUCH.)
  3. It had to happen on a long weekend.

I’m really hoping that the walk-in clinics are open tomorrow—antibiotics are MUCH needed at the moment. I put some extra-strength Polysporin on it, but that’s supposed to be preventative—i.e., it ain’t doin’ nothin’.

But at the very least, this incident made me think of a blog topic: getting your health right!

A coworker and I seemed to have a recurring problem at work—putting our work before our health. Whether it was a dentist’s appointment, going across town to a specialist or just heading in for an annual check-up, wee often found reasons why we couldn’t make it. A major report due the next day. Things due at the job that no one else could do. Work, work, work.


If you’re not well enough to go into work, AND you don’t take care of yourself—guess what? You’ll be unproductive. The work that only you can do will be of a lesser quality. You’d be better off at home in bed.

I know. You didn’t see that coming, right? Seriously.

Alright, I wish I had more to write and deeper insights, but you know what? I want to hit up that clinic the first thing in the morning and get my finger back. This is simply too messed up. We’ll continue this topic another time, in better depth and context 😊

Peace out home fries,

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