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The State of the #BloggerLife, January 2019

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Last updated on January 27th, 2024 at 04:23 pm

We’re a week into 2019, and I’m here drawing up battle plans for the year of content ahead.

The Life and Times of Casey Palmer—A Bustling Era Ahead

With any luck, you’ve had yourselves a very happy new year so far, full of new opportunities and experiences as you reach for everything 2019 has to offer. In my case, I just got The 2019 200 up and running (so I can stop agonising over every aspect of the 3700-word treatise to resolutions every night—you should really check it out), so, with that out of the way, it’s finally time to work on some time-sensitive things that could probably use my attention.

Hasta la Vista, 2018.

The first is to say goodbye to 2018. Officially.

The problem with my world is that there’s rarely enough time to keep the past in the past.

In my quest to do everything—saying “yes” to plenty of things I probably shouldn’t—I somehow forget that one can’t juggle parenting, work and a world of content without sacrificing something.

But I keep trying anyway despite reality, leaving me with some 2018 content left to deal with and a 2019 that’s not sitting around to wait.

Viva la Live from the 3.5!

And then you have the other thing that keeps me very busy around this time of year, and that’s likely never going to stop.

That’s right—Black History Month’s around the corner, and as someone who tries to learn from his mistakes, I’m putting plenty of time in the month ahead to make sure it comes off correctly.

There’s no shortage of things to do, and while it may be a dry season for sponsored content, leaving many creators scrambling for ideas, the hustle for my bigger projects is only beginning.

Eight Days In, 357 To Go!

You could say that the drive to sort this out was nearly thirty years in the making.

We ended 2018 with my parents’ big move from my childhood Mississaugan home to a town nearly a thousandth the size, bringing me face to face with decades of stuff I’d accumulated.

And that can be a real wake-up call—when you have that much of your stuff in front of you and only so little of it is still relevant—it says a lot about the real value of stuff and how important it is to get the things we have a use for in our lives.

That’s why my 2019 started with many recycling bags making their way out of the house as I turned my pile of notebooks into something a little more magnificent.

Making Every Day Count—A Year That’ll Be One for the Books!

There’s the easy way to do things, and then there’s the right way.

While part of me wants nothing more than to take these scribbles and start a bonfire out back, putting my 2019 off to a fresh start, I’ve spent too much time living these stories just to toss them aside like they’re nothing—I need to do what I can to do them all justice.

In 2019, it’s time to do away with the distractions. It’s time to find my purpose in all this content I’ve been creating, figuring out how to make it all the best it can be—not just do the things I’ve always done. In 2019, I want to transcend this brand I’ve built for myself and find out what I’ve been trying to say but could never find the words.

This year, it’s time for Casey Palmer to grow up from Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad and to let my name stand for something on its own.

A Little Fatigue Never Hurt Anybody. But A Lot? Well…

So I’m spending this January Janu-weary, but I won’t let it stop me. As I said in #66 of The 2019 200, I’m trying to do a year’s worth of work in six months—I won’t let a little fatigue get in the way.

Here’s to an excellent year ahead, and I hope you’re ready for a whole lot more from yours truly—we’re going for broke this year!

Thanks for reading, and until the next, I remain,

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