Jigga Figgas #1: LeBron and Dwayne Wade

I wasn't entirely keen on this chart, but a friend urged me to post it up anyway – so here goes!



Jay-Z is many things to many people. I'll be the first to admit that I think Jay-Z is an excellent businessman, and yeah, I listen to a lot of his music. But there's also the dark side of Jay-Z – Jay-Z the biter (something that'll likely constitute a flowchart of its own). Jay-Z the man you love to hate. There're few in the rap game these days that give us as much material to scrutinize.

So, in the name of fair play and infographic love, I'm gonna start dishing out a series of charts as the ideas come to me.

I call them: The Jigga Figgas. Find out about "your favourite rapper's favourite rapper" with a number of revealing graphs about the man who forged an empire (often upon the backs of others, but who's counting?) with the tools available to him. There'll be ones of further complexity as time goes on, but if you have a point you want to see explored or something about Jigga that's really been bothering you but you just couldn't QUITE place your finger on it, let me know 🙂


–case p.

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