The Joy of Discovering New Music

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Last updated on December 12th, 2020 at 02:04 am

So I was sitting around lamenting over a lack of inspiration for writing posts, chatting with my British buddy Jon. So Jon being Jon, with his aptitude for finding new music, sent me over to a service called turntable.

Turntable’s basically a service where you can get in a room with friends (of friends) and take turns playing DJ to see who can impress the crowd with their favourite jams. The room I was hitting up was one based off of a blog that I follow — Some Kind of Awesome. In the course of a few hours, I’d racked up a wealth of new artists (well, new to me) that helped spice my day up with a little bit of change.

Here’s just an example of what I was exposed to:

You see, ever since everywhere outside of the US got screwed by not having access to Pandora, it’s been a little tougher to come across new music. The radio gives you a little, and if you’re dedicated to the blogosphere, you might come across some more—but for the most part, you get whatever’s marketed best.

But music inspires us. It takes control of the fibres of our being, transcending our emotions. It can make a bad day amazing or ruin a great one.

We must always discover new music. I fully believe this is one of the things that keep us going.

So check SKOA out, or one of the many blogs out there tailored to your tastes. As for me, you’ll find me in the room waiting for my turn to DJ.

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