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Last updated on January 27th, 2024 at 10:00 pm

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  1. Got a new phone on Wednesday after the audio on the old one crapped out on me. The Motorola v635 is a pimp-tricked out phone. We should all take a moment to recognize its awesomeness and the amount of madness that I’ll get up to with this psychotic excuse for a phone. Mwa ha!
  2. Got a number today from this chick I’ve worked with the last two Fridays. She’s a couple of years older, but that’s a good thing on my side of things 😋 I’ll give her a shout tomorrow to see what’s up. S’all good in my hood. (When a girl goes “Byeeee Casey” and lengthens it out to prolong the moment, it’s GOTTA be a good sign. As my buddy Ram says “You a pimp, C-Daddy.” Aww yeah.)
  3. There was a promotion that I was going for back in the late summer that I was denied due to conditions at the time, but it seems that it’s been reopened, and it’s pretty much mine. I’ll be a financial rep now, doing mortgages, loans, lines of credit, that kind of stuff. I’m moving up the food chain, and I’ma put the bite on the competition. Holla to that!
  4. Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow should be good. It’ll be a bit different this time—my family, aunt, grandmother, and family friends. I think that’ll make it a lot more fun than usual.
  5. Still drawing. Cait’s still around. School’s still there. Life is going aiight though, still.

HOLLA AT ME! Or something.

Later peoples!

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