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Last updated on February 2nd, 2024 at 08:26 pm

Hey all, been a while since I’ve posted up a serious post about myself. I’ve been writing drafts over the course of the week in meetings at work which I had intended to scan in and post up, but I kept dozing or spacing out in the middle of writing them. My job isn’t very interesting, especially since I just got wind of what portfolios I’ll be taking care of this last Friday. Man, responsibility sucks.

Anyway, the good and bad of what’s been up:


  • as stated before, I got my book Blazin’ Apes: Sketches to Sketches, Brush to Brush completed and I plan to promote it once I get my new site up and running in all its splendour—and on that note…
  • I’ve come up with a rough new design for my website. I’m totally in love with the concept, but I’m sure it’ll be a bit of a pain dusting off my design skills and making it functional. Ah well—who am I to shy away from a challenge?
  • I gave my baby brother a new pair of kicks today. I managed to snag some totally sweet Air Force 1’s from someone on the Toronto LJ community for $30—they’d only been worn a couple of times at most, they were chocolate brown with a cranberry-coloured swoosh across them and were advertised as size 11. However, they were actually size 11.5, which is really pushing it when my actual size is in a 10-11 range. So I gave them to my brother who’s more of a 12-13, and he’s ecstatic since he’s never owned AF1s before. He gave me a couple of slices of Domino’s, a can of Jolt and a Snickers bar in exchange. If you knew how my brother was with food, you’d know how much of an event that is.


  • still have an assload of debt that needs to be dealt with. Now, I’ve been thinking up a few ideas of how to conquer it, between taking up small art contests here and there, developing books with business partners, etc. but they all seem just out of arm’s reach.
  • very torn about moving out and possibly moving on with life. I’m not completely sure that moving out is the right step right now—I’m not quite as mature as I’d like to think, and I still have a good roof over my head and no need to incur further expenses through rent, groceries, etc. I really need to think about this…
  • I used to love doing puzzles (i.e., crosswords, Sudokus and Kakuros that I’d get from the newspaper), but not so much anymore—I feel a lot more scatterbrained lately, and I think I’m losing my focus on things. Uncool, totally.
  • my iPod’s been freezing lately, not all the time, but enough to be concerned. I’ll get a new iPod touch when I go and buy a Macbook Pro in a few weeks, but I’d still like to have a larger-capacity model to carry my music in its entirety. I have another 80 GB, but it needs to be sent in for repairs, and the receipt from FutureShop had been lost a long while back when a portfolio of mine got stolen some months ago. I still have the proof in my bank statements, but I need to get on that.

Shoot. I need to sleep—all you’re getting for now, folks.

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