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Live Better—Letting isure do the Worrying FOR You.

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Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 07:49 am

Everybody has something they’re trying to protect.

I didn’t fully appreciate it until we started having kids, but I’d take a bullet for my family. The things I held dear before were far more intangible—my viewpoints and ideals; the things you couldn’t see but very much made me who I was. But now? Amidst sleepless nights, dirty diapers and tantrums over things as simple as whether we’ll have scrambled eggs for breakfast, I love my family for what it is, and as tough as this world is, I wouldn’t want anything to change that.

But not everything’s under my control—I certainly won’t be here forever. I can’t be around for my children every second of the day—they’ll encounter things on the schoolyard, the streets, and who knows where else that I’d never want to see happen in their lives. Every new day brings unexpected challenges and lessons we need to learn… for all these things we can rarely see coming, it often proves difficult to prepare for it all.

But it’s our responsibility to make the best effort possible to do so!

The world’s randomness is why we have insurance. This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned it—I did a sizable piece on life insurance a little while back—but you can’t protect everything you care about on your own… you just can’t be everywhere at the same time!

Which makes it good that there are companies specializing in this kind of thing!

isure—Keeping the Things That Matter Most Safe… Even When You Can’t!

I was introduced to isure earlier this year—an independent insurance brokerage working with their clients across Ontario to get them what they need to safeguard the cherished things they worked for; not just tell them what options they qualify for. isure uses the same approach you’d use with a mortgage or stockbroker—they shop on behalf of their clients across more than 25 insurers for the best possible quotes so they can cover all their bases for the best possible price, no matter what they’re looking to take care of!

Home insurance? They got you. Motorcycle insurance? They’ll get it sorted faster than you’ll get from A to Z! They can help with insurance for your business, and even do more for your auto insurance, like tracking your driving habits for you to prove that you’re a safe driver way faster than any questionnaire could!

isure’s aware that the world’s a changing place, and they’re working hard to change right along with it—they’ve been at it since 2006, so rest assured that it’s not some fly-by-night operation just looking to take your money! No—isure’s staffed with real brokers and fellow people who want to treat you like far more than a policy number—they’re out to protect the very same things that you are. You can learn even more about them by subscribing to the news on their site or by joining the more than 24,000 fans over on their Facebook page!

isure—Because Insurance is Useless if You Get it AFTER You Needed it.

So why not give isure a whirl? You never know where you might find some savings in your current insurance set-up, or even how little it might take to get a solid insurance policy—they’re out to remind you that choice is good, and they’ll do everything they can to get it for you! And with more than ten ways to get in touch with them, why wouldn’t you give them a chance?

But if you remember anything from this post, remember this—you can’t put a price on the things that matter to you most. Just as we welcomed our second little guy into our family, my wife lost her grandmother, a stark reminder that you often fail to truly realize what you have until it’s gone.

For the times your home’s unprotected, filled with memories, keepsakes and more.

For the times the people you love are on the road, weaving through the teenagers who just got their licenses and 40-year road veterans alike.

For just about everything life wants to throw at the people you love most, it’s best to be prepared—connect with isure today!

Until the next,

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DIsclaimer: While compensated for this post by isure, the words are my own and I definitely stand by them—if you’re not insured, get insured; life is full of unpredictable twists and turns… you need to prepare for as many of them as possible!


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