Long Posts from Long Days

Dear Designers,

Oooooooh snap. Y’all are lucky that I have a full-time job and an active social life, or y’all would be in TROUBLLLLLEEEEEE!!! I’ve got designs in the vault that would knock socks off all over the block! (Ooh—I know you loved that flow!)

The point of that little aside was to let you know that despite missing some deadlines, despite feeling like there’s never any time to throw down creatively on the things I wanna do—I’m still at it! I’m not about to let these little inconveniences and grounds for excuses get the better of me! There’s too much I wanna do and so far only one me doing it, so I’m not going to be shut down that easily!

Work today was challenging—something I’d been working on completing for a while now suddenly blew up in my face. Now, me being someone who does NOT like to mess up when I’m accountable for something was not taking this lightly. It made my day longer, forced me to tackle some issues more aggressively—in general, I was edgier than usual. A little drawing at lunch helped a bit, but some time off would probably get me back on track.

Last night also saw me up getting Apache, PHP and MySQL installed on my computer—or rather, an attempt to get it installed. I soon found myself learning about the difference between thread-safe and non-thread safe versions of PHP and why installing the wrong one on Windows 7 just won’t work. Attempt 2 is tonight. Which is somewha