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Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 10:30 pm

I first met Kevin Kelly at a birthday party for a mutual friend. Ever since, he’s been my go-to guy for web development advice, help with navigating the social networks and general hangouts. Enjoy his piece on making other people’s days and check him out at or on Twitter at!

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Make Someone Else’s Day

First off, I wanted to thank Casey for letting me share some insights on his missives collection. I am also excited for his wedding, which is quickly approaching. As a special request, I was honoured to continue his 2K11/247 ideal and also, I hope that my words can also continue his idea well.

That being said, I wanted to discuss what I have thrown out in the title here: Making someone else’s day. Why? because it’s important to not only yourself but a gesture to others. It could be something on the veins of “Paying It Forward”, but at the same time, “Making Someone Else’s Day” could be more of an act of appreciation to others. It also deals with your character.

I have had a “Making Someone Else’s Day” moment recently with Casey. After a failed attempt at attending an E3 was realized, my next venture was Flash In The Can Toronto 2011 this year. After losing a ticket contest,

I was digitally emotional about the issue after putting in several more characters than the next fellow in the comment section of the comment contest. Then, Casey took it upon himself to Google search to see who was giving the FITC 2011 tickets away. I was dumbfounded at

first, but understood where Casey was going with his move. Casey wanted me to go to FITC. About a week after or so, I was given tickets by to be a delegate. I was also rewarded with two other tickets, from a design agency, but I gave these to two of my developer/designer friends. Because of that “day being made”, I was also able to make someone else’s day by helping the design agency find a correspondent. My choice was a very illustrious Social Media master and well-known blogger.

This movement made her day, too.

“Making Someone Else’s Day” should only be done out of one’s character.

Paying back others, with kindness, feels as if it is more of countless string of emotional IOUs, which could pretty much not end at all. Sometimes, we get into this whole “payment of deeds” crap, with each other to the point of justifying even showing up to each other’s events as “reparation” for something that those may have done for us. It really shouldn’t be about that at all. As Casey described it in a meeting of minds, pasta, and great ale this year, he did it because his idea is to help people get to where they would like to go or be. Not because of a vendetta. “Making Someone Else’s Day” should strike the same chord as a character ethic. More-less, doing good things out of the fact that it aligns with your character.



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