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Last updated on February 16th, 2024 at 02:09 am

Facebook and Twitter have always been a source of information and interaction for me, and I’m glad to see that yesterday was no exception.

Yesterday’s post got a number of comments from various friends, some of the notable ones being:

“Nice to see you chose life over cash 😊”

Amongst other suggestions for making $20,000 of bank heists, casinos and counterfeiting, but I’m not exactly sure how serious those friends were 😕

This weekend I think I’ll have to look back through my calendars, notes and whatever to figure out what the heck I did in 2010 toward the 2010 20K. One thing that comes to mind is working with Compulsive Pictures to put together a commercial for Hasbro for a new version of Cranium 😊 This was actually the second year in a row where I’d done some work for them. It actually started during The Great Unemployment Stint of 2009 (which lasted all of seven weeks), when I’d received a random FlickrMail on my Flickr account due to some pictures I’d posted of the then-new Cranium pieces from Cranium WOW! So last July, almost as if it were a late birthday present, I was contacted about the potential to be in a Cranium TV commercial. Since I loved playing Cranium, seemed like a good idea, right? Sent in some test footage of myself and a group of friends playing, and that was that—I soon found myself in possession of a Flip Ultra HD video camera, a new Cranium board game, some money in my pocket, and they paid for the food and drink for hosting the game. I’ll admit, it was pretty awesome.

But what was even more awesome was when they revealed that they were doing a Canadian casting call in 2010, same prizes and another cash prize up for grabs 😊 I don’t think they ever revealed the footage from this go-around, but alas. S’all good. What mattered is that I did walk away from it with $150 for hosting, organizing and participating in the party. And I now have an extra Flip Ultra HD lying around up for grabs if someone wants to buy it and add to the 2010 20K total (or has some sort of awesome idea of how I could give it away—yadda ya).

So worry not—this year wasn’t idle—I just haven’t told you about all of it yet 😊

This next year’s going to be a challenge. I can already see 43 drafts in my gmail leering at me; hundreds upon hundreds of bookmarks between my Google Chrome, Firefox and Delicous systems (if anyone has a slick way to import and combine these all into one place, I’m all ears!); and taking a look around me in my room … yeah, there’s a lot to do.

But we’re not on that topic yet 😊

Anyway, hope y’all are having a good night. The night is still young and I’m stuck on Final Fantasy. (I’m stubborn and I’m refusing to look at walkthroughs to get me by, so alas. Unintended levelling up, ahoy!)

Until tomorrow, ladies and gents!

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