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Manulife | Why Life Insurance is SO IMPORTANT.

Why Getting Good Coverage is Something You Shouldn't Put Off!

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Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 07:30 am

Fatherhood changed me as a man.

Many guys think it’ll be when she walks down the aisle or when you say “I do”, but for me, we entered our marriage as two adults who were still living their lives—we just shared with one another the things we brought as individuals…  for better or for worse.

Fatherhood was different—it could’ve been when Little Man’s little head first popped into the world or when I carried his tiny frame for the first time, but really, it was that first drive home, driving well under speed to keep my wife and the new baby safe. The reality suddenly sunk in that nothing would ever be the same, and I’d need to step up in a whole new way to handle this change!

The next six months only confirmed my fears—I thought I’d be a horrible father: I wasn’t reading the right books, singing the right songs, or doing the right things to stimulate my son. Six months in and I’d ruined him forever.

But—as many parents do—I eventually learned that children are far more resilient than we often give them credit, and he taught me to think beyond myself; to stop dwelling on the past I couldn’t change, focusing more on the days we had ahead and the things I could do as the great father I knew I was inside.

And it’s those kinds of realizations that show you there’re people you not only want to honour with your life, but protect no matter what happens.

It’s shocking how little people plan for when things go wrong. One of the first things Sarah and I did in our marriage was draft up a will and update our life insurance policies. Life is as random as it gets, and there’s never a guarantee that you see the day’s end. I don’t spend my time living in fear—that’s simply no way to exist—there’s no harm in having some protection just in case.

I’m not naïve, though—many see life insurance as a complicated beast to understand, often putting it off until they can get in front of someone knowledgeable enough to walk them through it. It gets lumped into the same category as estate planning and personal finance—something you know you’re supposed to do, but often don’t get around to since you have so much you need to do today.

But it isn’t so hard—just like compound interest on a savings account, you benefit more the earlier you start a life insurance policy, and it’s never a bad idea to cover your bases!

To this effect Manulife’s created the Cover Me web app, which is so easy to use that you can zip through it while waiting for your order at the local coffee shop! It gives you a quote on how much you can get insured for without a medical exam, dependent on your genetics, history and lifestyle choices — it couldn’t be easier. Take the few minutes to try it out… it could quite literally change your life!

Why Should You #BeCovered by Manulife’s Cover Me? Because it Just MAKES SENSE.

When I joined Manulife at their #BeCovered Twitter chat on November 25th, I realized that there’s still a huge need for insurance coverage amongst so many people who have precious family members they want to protect. If this sounds like you, don’t wait until something HAPPENS to REACT. Why wait until tomorrow to apply when you never really know if tomorrow will come? Life won’t wait around for you to get your act together, so why not head it off at the pass?

Don’t wind up as one of the horror stories where things spiralled out of control because the family wasn’t prepared for tragedy—that chaos is preventable, all for as little as the price of lunch each month! You’ve worked so hard to create a great life for your family—don’t let it go to waste; use Cover Me. You won’t regret it!

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by 360ACCESS on behalf of Manulife. The opinions are my own and I feel very strongly about them—we work too hard and too much to not see the people we care for most benefit from all that effort, and that’s exactly what happens when you’re not covered with a life insurance policy!

You can visit Manulife’s Cover Me web app at, or learn more about Manulife through their website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts.

For me, it’s family first—if you want to know more about the things I do not only to provide for my family, but to protect them as well,  you can still find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!


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