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Help Dad Look the Part this Father's Day with Mark's!

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You may have noticed that Father’s Day’s around the corner, and it leaves me with mixed feelings. Sure, as a Dad it’s great to have a day recognising our efforts, but it constantly feels like we put a lot less thinking into it than Mother’s Day.

Maybe we’re too hard to shop for. We invariably see variations on the same gifts every year—booze. Gadgets. Sports stuff. Shaving things. New tools, automotive merchandise… if you’re going to get Dad a gift this June, you should at least do it right.

This sentiment in mind, I’m here to remind you that Mark’s has so much more than shirts and neckties for your Father’s Day shopping this June! You can keep him looking stylish with gifts like a pair of Timberland Grantly Chelsea Boots ($159.99). Or Silver Jeans Co.’s “Eddie” Relaxed Fit Tapered Leg Jeans ($115.00). Or you could get him ready for when summer inevitably ends months from now (#TooSoon?), and put a Denver Hayes HD1 Cross Hatch Stroller Jacket ($119.99) on his back like the one I’m rocking this fall!

I like it—and shopping at Mark’s—because they carry product combining fashion with functionality. The Stroller Jacket’s water-repellent, breathable, and easy to wash, so for a Dad routinely at his little boys’ mercy, it’s a perfect fit. (#DadJoke.)

And if I’ve learned anything from my time writing posts for Mark’s, I’m not the only one who’s down with their brand—plenty of my readers tell me how much they trust Mark’s to give them the right gear for their work and personal needs!

Show Dad You Care with a Father’s Day Gift from Mark’s—The Kind of Gift He’ll REALLY Use.

So this Father’s Day, let’s all try to do a little better and give our Dads something they can actually use. Our homes are already easy to fill with clutter—it’s time we help our fathers be the men they want to be. They act the part and often talk the part—help the make sure they continue looking the part.

I hope you have an excellent Father’s Day planned, and until the next,

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DISCLAIMER: Mark’s was generous enough to compensate me for this post. You can check them out online on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram!

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77 replies on “Mark’s | Father’s Day”

Sadly my Dad passed away 7 years ago and we miss him dearly.
About 15 years ago, I bought my Dad a picture frame that you can record a message on. We had a big family party on Dad’s 80th birthday and he put a pic that was taken that day in the frame and recorded a message about it. We like to play the recording on special anniversaries to hear his voice and sometimes it plays on it’s own!

This year I will be getting my stepdad a bottle of Baileys and a hat, he loves sitting out in the mornings drinking his coffee with baileys and the hat to protect his head from the sun!

My Dad passed many years ago, we lived a long way from my Dad so one year I surprised him with a visit !

I’m sorry to say that my dad passed away 40 yrs ago and I still miss him. 🙁

my dad has passed away but I used to love to take him to lunch on fathers day

I am getting him a gift card to LCBO and will make him a nice dinner when we can find time to get together since we live 3 hours apart.

My dad always loved fishing when he was living and one year for father’s day, the three of us kids went together and bought him a fish finder..or depth finder for his boat.

I usually give my dad a gift card for one of his favourite restaurants or some nice chocolates.

We’re getting my Dad some flowers because he doesn’t have a garden anymore and really enjoys getting them.

my favorite thing that my brothers and I got my dad one year was a new bbq 🙂 we all went splits on a new

I always gave my Dad a new Shirt or jacket for father’s day.

I always buy my Dad a gift card , he has everything , this way he can buy what he likes or needs 🙂

My Dad is far away, so I’m going to call him, but to be honest I talk to him often anyway.

Prob not getting him anything for fathers day but you never know..he ended up getting headphones for his bday… bought him a car for work last yr and this year he bought a camper so we’ve been camping, and buying stuff for it (we had a super old one before so we have had to add a few items) I think I’m going to make him fix the astronomy shed (We n eed to replace the flooring as its rotted on us..yes, we have an astronomy shed we built in the back yard with a rolling off roof…the man has everything INCLUDING ME LOL)

We get my dad clothes for Father’s Day so this would be perfect. We also take him to lunch.

My father was a cigar smoker so I used to like to get him an expensive cigar.

My dad just retired and will be more bored now so we are getting him a gift card to the movies!

my dad will be getting a visit from us and we will play cards, share stories and have a great time

My Dad passed away almost 10 years ago. I’m not sure what my favourite gift I ever got him for Father’s Day was. I know the last gift I bought him was a CD (the best of ELO), and he kept it in his car to listen to it while driving. I still have that CD. He really wanted it.

My dad pass away 10 years ago. I will be treating my husband who is a father to Lobster Dinner.

Unfortunately my dad and I don’t have a relationship. My father in law though a golf day

He only wants practical things so we got him a pair of awesome socks and a gas gift card

I will have my dad over for a bbq and offer a card with a gift card for Swiss Chalet for him.. He will enjoy that.

My Dad is 90 burt still loves to golf and fish. We are getting him a new 5 iron.

My dad passed away when I was quite young. I will be buying a new garburator for my husband for the kids and I.

favourite thing i ever got him was a power drill. boy was he happy!

My father passed away so I won’t be getting anything…just memories.

I never get my father “stuff” because he appreciates spending time with us and creating experiences and memories more. So this Father’s Day, my Dad and I will be spending time visiting a local museum and the attending a BBQ hosted at my sister’s house!

My dad passed away a week before Xmas, 2005. The last few years his health was not good (vascular dementia), but when he was active, he loved going fly fishing for a few days in the spring & fall. When my godfather was alive, he took him too. He camperized a Dodge Maxivan, so when it was complete, I furnished it with matching unbreakable dishes & cutlery. When he couldn’t go any longer, he was just as happy with a bottle of Wiser’s Deluxe, or a classical CD or 2.

My dad always wants the dame things – lottery tickets and beer – so that’s what he gets.

My favourite thing that I got my dad was a Beach boys album since he loved them. sadly I do not remember any other gifts since I was only 8 when he was killed in a car accident

My dad passed away last summer do this year I’m celebrating another father, who is turning out to be a wonderful DAD…my son!!

I did not have a dad in my life.
this father’s day I took my hubby to see the Jays.

My dad received a funny card, and homemade breakfast. Blueberry pancakes, bacon, and orange juice.

My dad has passed so we spend Father’s Day having a big BBQ, gifts and a cake.

No father in my life ever and I’m not a father either so I won’t be buying any gifts for that day.

My sister and I bought my Dad a fitness tracker. He tracks the number of consecutive days he walks and he’s over 1200 so this will help track even more cool stats!

My father is no longer with us, but we are throwing a large BBQ for all the remaining fathers in the family

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