Kick Footwear Fails to the Curb with Mark's Spring Shoe Collection! (Featured Image)

Mark’s Spring Shoe Collection!

How to Kick Footwear Fails to the Curb!

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Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 02:21 am

Call me selfish, but I’ve never understood why parents felt they need to give up everything for the sake of their kids. Just about everything in your life changes, no doubt, but I think it’s important to retain at least some of who you were before. You don’t want to end up like the horror story I hear a little too often—the empty-nester a couple of decades down the road, unsure what to do in a life without kids to look after.

You’ve gotta keep doing you—and for me, this means keeping my fashion game on point.

Let’s be real—the bar for Dad fashion is ridiculously low. I used to think it was bad as a man, but seeing my parental ilk clad in ill-fitting T-shirts and shoes that’d most definitely seen better days, I didn’t want to send those years spent curating a wardrobe for myself spiralling down the drain. Sure, I no longer had time to iron every morning or ensure I saw my face in my shoes, but what I can do is continue coming equipped for whatever life throws at me.

Which is exactly what I’m doing with Mark’s Spring footwear collection!

Kick Footwear Fails to the Curb—How Mark’s Helps Keep my Footwear Game on Point!

Mark’s has proven a steady contributor to my shoe game so far. At a moment’s notice, I now own boots that keep my feet warm even at -73.3°C. I have a pair of water-repellent shoes for the times the boys run off to explore terrain that’s less than ideal. But what does one wear when just taking a casual stroll with his family on a Sunday afternoon?

Denver Hayes’ Arezzo High Top Sneakers, that’s what!

So what if I thought they’d be blue? (Don’t shop while tired—it never turns out well.) A pair of these in black matches with a good chunk of my wardrobe—they’re classy enough to wear to work, but not so much that I feel overdressed in a laid-back situation. They’re one of the many pairs available in Mark’s Spring collection designed to make you feel stylish, yet casual and confident with your footwear choices. And for those of you who use orthotics like me, this pair had plenty of room to slip a set in so I needn’t sacrifice comfort for the sake of style. This isn’t your granddad’s Mark’s—it’s a Mark’s for the man looking for clothes and as flexible as he is. So it’s time we stand up to the challenge!

Get Your Footwear Game on Point with Mark’s—Your Feet Won’t Regret It!

Just because you’re married or have some kids doesn’t mean you have to give up—the things demanding our time might change, but we should never stop taking care of ourselves, whatever that looks like individually.

Mark’s spring men’s footwear collection is a subtle reminder that sometimes we need a little help getting our swagger back. Life will try to derail us, so that’s why you invest in the brands that invest in you—so let Mark’s point your life in a glorious direction!

Thanks for reading and good luck to all who enter!

Until the next,

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DISCLAIMER: Mark’s was generous enough to compensate me for this post, and yes—these Arezzos are as fly as they appear! You can check them out online, and through their social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram!


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