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Are You a Superhero Dad? Then Mark's is Interested in YOU.

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Last updated on February 14th, 2024 at 01:10 am

It took me nearly thirty years to realise how good a man my Dad is. He did everything he could to give us the life he couldn’t have, sparing none of his time, energy or resources to make it happen. And now that I’ve got my kids, I appreciate it all so much more, hoping my kids can come to that realisation with me sooner.

But here’s the million-dollar question to all Dads—are you your kids’ superhero, or are you the guy they love because they should?

I might not always be my sons’ favourite, but the smiles on their faces when I get home each day don’t lie. The joy I hear as we horse around tells me I’m doing something right.

It almost made me wonder why I didn’t have kids sooner.

But in any case, I’m grateful that my parents paved the way for a life where I regularly hang with my kids—it allows me to keep being their superhero!

Are You Your Kid’s Superhero? Then Let’s Celebrate That!

We won’t always immediately know how our actions will impact our kids at first. What may look like an epic fail to us may be a fantastic memory for our children, so it’s up to us to bring our best as parents and keep making that happen.

Good luck to you, Dads out there—you can always do better on Father’s Day!

’til the next,

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