Merry Christmas! Now what’s next?

Hey y'all – so a quick video update about what's up with moi and my blogs before sleeping for Christmas Day. You might be wondering why I'm wearing a toque indoors. Actually, you probably don't even care, but let me tell you. When I was younger, I tried to open my window in the winter to get the snow off of it, not realizing that the window was locked. Broke the window mechanism – it'll open now only if I push it out a little first – but I've also noticed that as the years pass, my room is more and more affected by the elements outdoors – moreso than any other room in the house. I've probably cost my parents a fortune in energy bills. Oy.
Anyway, check the message and have a GREAT Christmas. More bloggage coming soon! Probably after I wake up. And eat breakfast. And open presents. And call my Grandma long-distance, since she's in Jamaica. Yes. This is how I roll.
–case p.

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