My fellow Canadians, GO VOTE!!!

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Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 09:22 pm

It’s time for Canadians to once more perform their civic duty, go to a polling booth and vote for their leadership for another chunk of time.

I wish I had the time to put together a more significant entry on voting, but life has its priorities. I’ve chatted with so many people who are very bent in one direction or another—or so apathetic about the state of affairs and their choice of candidates that they’re not going to bother voting at all.

While I don’t have an insanely strong political leaning, I think it’s still our responsibility as citizens to be aware of the social and political issues surrounding us. I know who I’m voting tomorrow after plenty of reading and discussion, do you?

I think these days, people are starting to take politics a little more seriously. There was a time where you simply trusted what was going on and fell in line. That time is not now. We have the Internet. We have access to more resources and knowledge about what’s going on around the world than ever before—we are slowly starting to get an idea of where our world is, and where we’d like it to be. But we can’t make strides towards the world we want without people putting the effort in to voice their thoughts.

Will you be a sheep or will you aim to discuss what it is you want from the world with your political leaders? Will you complain about things when you didn’t lift a finger, or be determined to enact change through peaceful yet productive means?

I’ve seen individuals make statements about their views on those that don’t vote…

…but I rarely see a compelling counter-argument for not doing so.

May 2nd. Let’s all speak our mind through our actions. Improve your world by making an informed choice. And remember—it doesn’t stop at the ballot box. There are many things that can be done to really fulfill your role as a citizen to the utmost. But it all starts with one simple action that you can take tomorrow.

Go vote.

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