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NELSON Disney Learning Educational Books

Keep Those Young Minds Yearning!

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Last updated on February 14th, 2024 at 12:29 am

For any of you who still can’t believe I’m a Dad, allow me to remind you that I have a kid starting kindergarten this September.

Yes, kindergarten.

As we get closer to life with a school kid, I’ve observed what other parents are doing to ready their kids for it. Chalkboards with roughly scrawled names on them. Toys arranged on the table teaching simple arithmetic. With all these parents working hard to drum foundational skills into their kids, into their kids, I couldn’t help but feel a little… behind.

Which is why when NELSON, Canada’s leading educational publisher reached out for the Palmer fam to try their new Disney Learning book series, I immediately brought them into our lives!

NELSON’s Disney Learning series currently targets kids from pre-kindergarten to Grade 2, helping them with fundamental skills like reading, writing and math. The series starts with some board books on shapes, letters, numbers and colours to reinforce early learning, growing more complex as kids grow older!

Now while my preschooler has yet to develop the attention span necessary for a Disney feature film, as a parent, I know how omnipresent Disney was in my childhood, and if he’s not into it now, I guarantee that soon enough he will be!

And NELSON’s learn-at-home series with Disney Learning is a great start! NELSON’s President and CEO Steve Brown put it well—”With so many educational products available in the market, it’s hard for parents to know which brands to trust.” But with NELSON’s 100+ years’ experience in educating our youth and the cast of Disney characters that’ve captured children’s imaginations for generations, I’m pretty sure they’re on the right path!

I don’t get to spend a ton of quality time with my eldest son—most time I do spend with him involves barking orders or admonishing bad behaviour! But with some age-appropriate NELSON Disney Learning materials, I’m hoping we can spend time together doing something he’ll enjoy while giving me the reassurance that he’s getting the education outside the classroom that he needs.

NELSON Disney Learning—Because it’s Important to Give Your Kids the TOOLS to Succeed!

In short, I want to see what comes from this multi-year collaboration between NELSON and Disney Learning! This partnership is but Disney Learning’s first foray into the Canadian market, designed specifically to support the Canadian curriculum. It’s slated to continue expanding through 2017!

Here’s hoping we get the most out of these books!

Until the next, I remain,

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Disclaimer: NELSON provided the Palmer fam with all the current offerings in the Disney Learning stream for review. All thoughts and opinions, as always, remain my own.


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