No Excuses!

I’m going to put a statement out there—blogging daily ain’t easy if you stay in the house sitting on your butt all day. I did get some stuff done, sure:

  • Read some articles
  • Read some more of my jQuery book
  • Played some Catan: Cities & Knights
  • Took out the Christmas tree
  • Did some dishes
  • Took out the trash

Aw, yeah—I did it all domestic up in this place! But yeah—heed my warning, everyone. You better have a nice, active social life like some of the people I see out there on my Twitter feed if you want good topics to cover daily!

Either that, or I hope you’ve thoughts of them prior to the weekend. Thank goodness that I took this option!

Anyway, let’s start it up today with a video that was sent to me by none other than Kevin called “No Excuses”:

I like the message in this video—stop your bellyaching, stop your whining—just do what you’ve gotta do. Yesterday I was talking about all those books I need to read through and today I grabbed a couple because they’re not gonna just read themselves!

Disclaimer: No way am I currently planning to earn funds from the 2K11 24/7—ProBlogger just makes for a good read!

So yes, I’m going to keep powering through my to-do list and I’m sure some good will come of it. I was just organizing my multiple email addresses so I can get a better idea of all the things I’ve promised to do but never got around to 😔

Yesterday I wanted to focus on some people who actually make a living from helping others, such as Ellen Roseman, who offers straight talk on personal finance and consumer issues, and Peter Silverman who no longer seems to be doing his show of CFRB 1010, but was all about consumer advocacy—they’re all about helping people and earning a living from it. I think that’s likely part of a model I’d want to institute into whatever I end up doing for a living as I grow up.

But yeah, tons of stuff that I read today on business practices, resources for app and site development—here’s an article on wireframing using Keynote of all tools.

So I’ll just wrap up my random Saturday and hopefully, I can do a few things to spark some crowd interaction soon 😉 Keep an eye out! And there’s a ton of tweetups coming up, which makes me happy; I think I’m supposed to be organizing some as well. I’d better go get busy!

Have a great one, one and all!

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