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Not Quite Sure What I Did Last Summer

My Summer 2014 in Review.

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Last updated on January 29th, 2024 at 08:33 pm

Been a while since I wrote anything truly personal. I’ve been so caught up with opportunities, deadlines and various life commitments that I haven’t taken the time to sit down, look back, and make sense of everything going on around me.

We’re in the last days of August and summer slipped through our fingers. Any day now, we’ll see our mailboxes stuffed with Halloween and Christmas flyers as we dive headfirst into the dreaded months that make us go “‘ber”. Maybe I’m only speaking for myself (it is my blog, after all), but I feel like many of us entered 2014 striving to make it awesome, but the world looked upon us, responding with a resounding “blah”.

It’s not all bad, though—while things feel very “business as usual”, a lot has happened in 2014, and the summer’s no exception.

So making like it’s my first day back to school and I’m catching my friends up on everything they missed these last few months, here’s my report on everything I did this summer—the ups, the downs and everything in between in a piece I call “Not Quite Sure What I Did Last Summer”.

Name That June / I Like Big Months and That Was July / Keeping August Company

So much has happened since the last monthly wrap-up. My son started crawling all of a sudden, completely catching me off-guard; cooling things down from the crazy birthday parties I’ve had these past years, I celebrated 31 with some close friends and family over burgers and brews; I took some time off to explore what life as a stay-at-home parent might look like… there was no shortage of action in the last 92 days!

The #BloggerLife was still going strong, with sponsors challenging me to wash my car, cook more often and reflect on fatherhood for my first Father’s Day; I switched things up with some audio and video appearances (though I only made it a quarter of the way through VEDA before the rest of my life came knocking); and despite the fatigue from spending the year’s first half running on all cylinders and trying to hit every goal possible, somehow it was all working out.

Even so, I made sure to take time away from the digital landscape to be a family man, spending some weeks in July and August with family from Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton and NYC both in and out of Toronto as we caught up and my son got to meet many of them for the first time (#58). Parenthood makes you appreciate what little free time you have, and you feel that sting even harder with unexpected delays, limited mobility and an overall change of pace where you’re suddenly seeing 2 or 3 things in the time you used to spend seeing 10. It’s taught me that planning is key, and the days of flying by the seat of my pants are all but over.

These last months also commanded changes to how I blog, Sarah, noting that managing my site’s transcended from a hobby to a part-time job, with my fingers only finding more pies to stick themselves into. This was definitely not the 2014 I was expecting, but I’m enjoying the ride as I learn important lessons in self-worth, prioritization and saying “no” when things aren’t possible.

I finally got my beloved St. Hubert (#91)—and was sorely disappointed. Granted, we visited a little dive of a franchise on Ottawa’s east side before leaving to Toronto, but the chicken was drier than I’d ever remembered, and no amount of delicious fries nor dinner rolls were able to save it. The love affair is over, and I’ll need to rely on my Montrealer friends to introduce me to better chicken on my next visit!

Cleaning up my life is a goal that never stops, and I worked hard through June and July to apply it to different parts of my life. I sort out my social media accounts (#87), devices (#82) and my content (#28) (though no one will see it for a while yet), making more sense of the plethora of info I keep around me.

Pobody’s nerfect, though, and there’s plenty I either dropped the ball on or quickly realized that my ambitions for The 2014 100 exceeded my current reality. The World Cup (#84) and NXNEi (#2) passed me by, and I didn’t fly out to the World Domination Summit (#4). I slowed on my writing for The Hooray Collective (#25), and by the time I buy a bike (#42), we’ll probably see snow on the ground once more. I didn’t go to TEDx Toronto (#50), my desk’s still a mess (#48), and while I’ve gotten better at writing my bio (#70), I’ve got a ways to go before I’m happy with it.

At least I managed to watch 2/3 of The Godfather trilogy (#76), right?

So TL;DR, three months later, I’m as busy as ever, but strangely seeming to find some degree of control over my life. With a third of the year left, I still have grand designs on the content I want to release, but I’m not racing to do so. I’ve learned that living life without a legacy in mind will only burn you out, a feeling I’m not eager to feel again anytime soon. 2014 has me insanely hopeful for all the years ahead, but I’ll take things a day at a time ’til then, learning about being the best husband, father and blogger I can.

If I take anything away from 2014, it’s this—you’re on this Earth but once and you’re the only one who can make it count. So roll those sleeves up, grit those teeth, and get ready to put the work in to reach your goals.

Because when you do? It’s totally worth it.

Until the next,

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