Now entering: VOID city.

Last updated on April 21st, 2021 at 10:44 am

Today’s been a pretty good day for me 😊

BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I need to get some bad drawing habits out of my system, and I need your help.

Below you’ll see my work for my entry for the young version of Kyle Kongo into Void, but I KNOW there’re areas where I could tighten things up.

I’ll post what I’ve noticed, but if there’s anything else, feel free to let me know 😊

Okay, in the sans-jacket frontal view, I’m actually pretty happy with it. I just need to:

  • thin the right arm
  • thicken the thighs

Now, for the sans-jacket rear-view, however:

  • arms seem stiff or positioned incorrectly
  • concerned about elbow positioning
  • don’t like the way the collar works itself around his neck and will re-do

For the with-jacket rear-view:

  • neck too long
  • gotta polish up those swords

For the undergarment rear-view:

  • elbows are messed. I could DEFINITELY use some advice on those
  • got to match up length and thickness of the arms

And I’m toying around with ideas in my head for the look of the Rumble Blade. The Electro Blade I’ve pretty much got covered.


–case p.

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2 replies on “Now entering: VOID city.”

Okay let’s see…Now I am thinking game design. This is good for giving a modeler a good understanding of the character. So the poses don’t have to be too loose and not to stiff, so a comfortable relaxed look which you pretty much got down.

For modeling purpose you would have to put him in an orthographic view. Front, Side (arms cut off and placed in front) and a Back view.

As far as everything else you already know what you have to do to polish him up. You have inspired me to do something, hopefully I can get a look down and put up an ortho view.


Thanks man. I never knew that I should cut the arms off for a side view – it DOES make sense, though. I’m going to be redesigning it a bit, so we’ll see what it looks like when I polish it up 🙂

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