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Obligatory Baby Shot

#100HappyDays: Day 24

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Last updated on February 12th, 2024 at 03:16 am

Jeez—sometimes finding the happiness in a day is hard. When there’s no end in sight to the tower of documents vying for your attention; when you think a night will be routine, but your kid’s freaking out because he’s overtired and you’re not your wife, making you spend hours calming him down so he’ll sleep; when no matter what you do, it feels like you just can’t win and despite all the good in your life, you still can’t catch a break in other ways—what do you do?

But when I was in my 3 PM teleconference, the one thing that brought a smile to my face in all the madness was this photo. This. Not crying, not pooping—just hanging with Sarah at the Early Years Centre, content as heck.

Cute kid melting my heart? I’ll take it.

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